If the neighbours about the Music in the house argue, should courts create to strict standards. It should be in certain limits than the usual leisure activity is possible, said the Karlsruhe Federal court of justice.

It is however, always the case. The nature of the instrument, the perceivable volume in the neighboring house and the possible diseases of the neighbors should be taken into account. The Supreme court judges for two to three hours on weekdays and one to two hours on Sundays and public holidays is appropriate.

Whether a professional musician, practice, play no role. “He can’t, but also no fewer rights,” said the presiding judge Christina Stresemann.

neighborhood dispute lasts for years

In this specific case, it was a years-long neighborhood dispute to the hours of Practice a professional musician in his home in Augsburg, Germany. In addition to regular rehearsals, he gives two Lessons per week to students. His neighbors in a row house were dragged before the court; they stopped to play the trumpet for the noise. This is not a trumpet-playing, but long hours of Practice of sequences; argued listening to the radio and watch TV in normal volume is not possible, your lawyer.

requested by The neighbors that the musician insulates the house better. The lawyer of the trumpeter, had declared against it, a sound insulation for the building fabric of the house is hardly feasible.

The BGH referred the case back for retrial to the district court of Augsburg. This had been the musician has only ten hours of Practice per week, weekdays – at certain times in the attic and a maximum of eight Saturdays and Sundays one hour. “The standards of the district court are too strict”, criticized the Chairman of Supreme court judge.


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