The social networks have indeed relayed the announcement of the removal of the fountains Wallace; these were to be replaced by new structures, and only their pedestals have been preserved. Pandemonium on the Canvas! Terror! Petitions! Las, the soufflé falls: it was nothing. The city council retains the charming fountains of 1871, but has plans to create a new race of his own: kinds of foggers giants that will be tested next summer.

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We can only congratulate him for the misunderstanding, but this shows how the Parisians are on the lookout. After the progressive replacement of newspaper kiosks by those ugly places of life interactive, city-dwellers are right to be vigilant. The epiphany of the pissotières flowered last summer, has also remained in the memories. And many are the minds perplexed that roam these days the rond-point des Champs-Elysées, without being able to give a name to these geometric structures having replaced the fountains. The word “machin” is the term most used to refer to this macramé plumbing, which seems to be taken from the Catalogue of the objects found of the expensive Carelman.

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The most surprising remains the stubbornness of the Mayor of Paris to have confidence in the onlookers. While the urban furniture in the style of the old” was massive, solid, almost rustaud, recent items are highly fragile. The town Hall should long to know that the walker is disrespectful, I-me-and not caring about that, vandal (not to mention a yellow vociférants Saturday). But no, Anne Hidalgo prefers to serve him on a platter of plates to break, persistent to believe that the passer has a good background. If that was the case, it is not. He has not finished picking up the broken glass…

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