The autonomous car does not provide power to the imagination of the French. Two-thirds of them, according to an international study conducted by the consulting company Oresys, it is no longer a sci-fi scenario but a way realistic. Conducted in five countries (Germany, China, Usa, Japan and France), the study has proposed that the motorists to assess five types of uses. In all countries, if the car happens to be totally autonomous, “sleeping and relaxing” is in the lead with 47 % of the vote (but 73% for the French public), in front of “entertainment” (40 %), “eat and drink” (38%) and “work and be productive” (36 %). The use of “beauty, well-being and fitness” ranks dead last in this ranking (23 %).

The study, however, states that “when the number of passengers increases (more than 2 people), the uses are changing: “entertainment” goes in the first position (64 %), followed by “eating and drinking” (55 %) and widely before “sleeping and relaxing” (41 %). In the same way, use “to work and be productive” is more strongly supported (61 %) in the framework of professional trips of more than an hour”.

The French pingres

logical Consequence of these choices, the comforts, such as seats and possibly beds should be the most popular. Alas, no one is really willing to pay to afford such amenities. The majority of drivers surveyed would pay a few hundred euros to travel more comfortably. Only 5% of participants could pay more than € 1,000. The French are particularly pingres: only 5% of them would be willing to pay for a virtual assistant, so that the Chinese dégaineraient to 82% on their credit card for such a facility.

The “taxi stand-alone” seems to conquer the crowds with 37% in favour. “In regard to the uses, the vehicle “the silent” wins the most votes (61 %) in front of the “taxi tourist” (52 %), a vehicle that would give indications on the places visited, and the “taxi restaurant” (35 %). Surprisingly, the “taxi well-being” comes in 5th place, just after the “taxi film”, while uses related to beauty and well-being for a personal vehicle are not the more expected”, says the study.

motorists traffic in favor of car-sharing

one of The specificities of the French market is the attraction of motorists to share their cars, to the point that many of them would be willing to give up their vehicle. “It is therefore on this market, we see the greatest potential in relation to the concept of taxis to theme self-sufficient. On this type of vehicle, it is the “taxi of tourism” which has the best rating from the French (it is preferred to 67 %), the acceptance rate is 20 points higher than that of the Germans, Chinese and Japanese”, says the study. “Car-sharing – car-sharing or offers from rental vehicles short-term between individuals – is already very widespread in France. This is why the autonomous vehicle can be an opportunity to further develop existing offerings, because the French would be ready to use them,” says Hervé de Perthuis, a partner in the cabinet Oresys.

the interior of The concept car-car stand-alone EZ-Ultimo presented by Renault on the occasion of the last World, also puts the emphasis on comfort. Renault


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