Since the 7th of January, the Grévin museum has undertaken a vast restructuring operation of its building. During one month, the technical teams are relayed day and night to redraw completely all the spaces. Only three places have been preserved: the theatre at the Italian – classified in the inventory of historical Monuments – with the high-relief by Antoine Bourdelle, in the column room with the dome and the Palace of Mirages.

In all, nearly 3000 m2 of spaces to visit, which have been redesigned, redeveloped and updated with a scenography, music and decorations immersive. The museum now has 10 different worlds. Thus, the literature with a space full of open books, where children are immersed. “Thanks to the interactivity, we are immersed directly in the universe of the creator and the author” explains Yves Delhommeau, director-general of Grevin.

30 new statues of wax

You prefer the music? See you in the zone concert and karaoke with Stromae, Johnny Hallyday, Maître Gims… The policy is not forgotten with the guests of the garden party at the Elysée palace: the president Xi Jinping, His Majesty the king Mohamed VI or Queen Elizabeth II. And if you’re into sports, you can make a pass to Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, or the haka in front of Sébastien Chabal.

Side story, it is a veritable time machine that takes us into at least 45,000 years before our era, through the reproduction of the Chauvet cave. Here visitors will be able to engage in cave painting. Then the journey continues, with a succession of celebrities, iconic historical as Vercingetorix, Louis XIV, Napoleon, but also contemporary: Brigitte Bardot, Bernard Pivot, Elton John… many Of the characters are put in a situation: astronaut Thomas Pesquet, the journalist Léa Salamé interviewing Al Pacino, the magician Eric Antoine and his Magic box…

On the 250 wax statues, 30 new personalities to incorporate the museum. Among them, Marcel Proust’s “read around the world, which corresponds to the soul’s French” as like the set Yves Delhommeau but also Guillaume Apollinaire, Jules Verne, Vincent Van Gogh… The fictional characters are also part of the. The rabbids join Titeuf and the Little Prince. Of the great standards and new products, the Grévin museum has succeeded in its goal.

musée Grévin wax Museum. 10, boulevard Montmartre (Ix). Everyday from 9h30 to 19h. Rates: from 17€.


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