of Course, the figure of the garçonne, this liberated woman was born among the elite during the der of the ders. Of course, the term will become increasingly popular thanks to the book scandal of Victor Margueritte in 1922. But it is in the aftermath of the Great War, in 1919, that this silhouette free short hair, smoking a cigarette appears at the great day.

The youth wants to have fun, slumming in the evening in the new club, to dance the fox-trot , leaving behind the disasters and traumas of the war. The mode of cocktails replaces the one of the tea rooms, the robes covering stop now knee-length and are fringed, embroidered, or lamées. The young girls follow diets put themselves at the sport and take lessons of rhythm. The end of the war sign of a revolution in feminine look. The French have forgotten the dresses of the Belle Epoque and the outfits of deprivation for a fashion loose, comfortable, a little masculine, which facilitates the procedure and gum up the camber.

Emblematic of the roaring twenties, the style hairstyle, stops abruptly with the stock market crash of 1929, but will inspire new fashion designers from the 1970s.


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