It was the accent and politeness exquisitely british, the lively eye, as clear as the indian Ocean, on which we find ourselves, in the north-east of the island of Mauritius. Our appointment with Paul Jones, 69, group CEO of mauritius LUX Resorts & Hotels, has been attached to the Salt of Palmar, the last baby as he was nicknamed here, “the pope of the hospitality industry”. A setting high in colour, the design is signed to the French Camille Walala, known for her pop style tribal bold – like a moroccan riad, with its facades of ochre and its semblance of a minaret overlooking the pool. Shades of intense blue, notes turquoise and patterned zebra gave one hell of a blow of young to the old hotel The Palm grove. Nearly 250 million rupees (more than € 6.5 million) have been invested in less than a year, for a result rather successful: white sand beach, lagoon-inspired, cuisine creative ambiance of boutique hotel (59 rooms) in the tropics, personnel to the …

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