You are you already interested in the work clothes of the cooks? And especially to their jacket, white most often, they are wearing when they come to greet in the dining room? It is part of their identity, almost of their personality. Of course, the codes have changed over the decades and the bosses-friends who come to drink a toast to your table are legion. But not sure you would like to see the chefs show up in t-shirt and jogging, the cloth on the shoulder. Jacket, immaculate, adjusted, embroidered to his name, is a marker peak of the profession. She asks her man reassures him, magnifies it also.

And among the vor that adorn the restaurants, there are the inevitable home Bragard, one of the leaders in the market. Installed in Épinal, in the Vosges, since 1933, it has remained a family business until that Gilles Bragard, the son of the creator, sold it in 1994 to the group Karstadt-Quelle. And then it was integrated within the group’s Swedish Kwintet, 2011. What remains striking, however, in the history of the brand, it is his identity in vosges. A historic land of the textiles with a long tradition of weaving and spinning. An anchor that does not, however, prevented to follow the evolution of the trades of mouth and, sticking closely to the imperatives in the kitchen.

Paul Bocuse, photographed by Robert Doisneau in his restaurant in Collonges-au-Mont-d’or, march 23, 1990. GAMMA-RAPHO/Robert DOISNEAU/GAMMA-RAPHO

thus was born, in 1976, the jacket features a Large Head, the fruit of an encounter between two strong personalities, Paul Bocuse and Gilles Bragard. Better than anyone else, Mr. Paul knew the gestures of the cooks, the clothes which impede or, on the contrary, release, or accessories capable, like her chef’s hat XXL, to put you in front of the group photo! The jacket, created for him by Gilles Bragard includes innovations that, forty-two years later, are still one of the most current and most ordered. Made in pima cotton premium fiber very robust considered one of the best in the world, it has long sleeves to pivot to a greater freedom of movement, themselves with a flip of the wrist to shorten them if needed, and to facilitate the manipulations. In addition to the grommets for ventilation under the arms, the creation of the bib double-breasted is, in itself, a microrévolution. The buttons balls hand-made and covered with fabric, allow to pass or to take off the jacket in a record time. As for the double plastron, just the reverse if it is stained, and the turn is played. Finally, the jacket features a Large Head would not be as elegant without his collar, very thoughtful too. He adds, as emphasized by Lorène Monso, director of marketing and communications at Bragard, “a small tip-hierarchical, all-in-épousantla shape of the body and enhancing the stature of the leader”.

there is also the famous col habs heads winners of the contest of the ” Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Again, this is the duo Bocuse-Bragard, who has worked on it in the 70’s. The contest, itself, had existed since 1924, but no one had thought to hoist the colors of France to the height of neck. Today, everywhere in the world, the neck of the MOF represents French excellence. But beyond this beautiful shot of col and com, the jackets head also reflect the evolution of the profession. One could almost say of the company. In the catalogue 2018, it is specified, for example, that the range Bistronomie, “which combines simplicity and modernity for a relaxed atmosphere and contemporary”, will be perfect from the kitchen to the room. Jackets black cuffs orange, shirts service, tiles, embellished placket and cuff wrist colored for men, collar kimono and buttons-pressure under leg for women, these jackets stick to the time and sign a separate report to the business and the customer. But the classic models have always the favor of the leaders, and this collection represents for the moment, only 20% of the sales. The other outsider, the fabric of jean, now in line with Urban Chef on 2014avec aprons, shirts and jackets blue denim or grey steel melange. The most delusional, who wish to add in the side “bar” can even invest in hats with neck elasticated!

The model Lady Pic, designed for Anne-Sophie Pic at the origin, corresponds, according to the single head, triple-starred, French, “the ideal marriage between style, elegance and professionalism”

Although less represented in the profession, women have also shifted these work clothes with their own requirements. Thus, the template Lady Peak, designed for Anne-Sophie Pic at the origin, corresponds, according to the single head, triple-starred, French, “the ideal marriage between style, elegance and professionalism”. A jacket-shirt with a single button fastening, pleats ribbed on the front, highlighting the silhouette and elegant French cuffs closed by two buttons. The holding and restraint, such an extension of dress of this cooker subtle, with dishes ranging between classicism and creativity.

other young toques brilliant as Virginia Basselot (Reserve, Geneva), Christelle Brua, (head pastry chef at the Pré Catelan, Paris), Amandine Chaignot (Rosewood Hotel in London) have sometimes chosen to feminize the iconic jacket Great Chief, or even design their own clothes. “In the image of haute couture fashion houses, we also create with our designers jackets custom, unique designs that will have a strong identity. Between the creation, the different prototypes, fittings and alterations, it can take sometimes three months. But this concerns only a dozen of customers per year,” says Lorène Monso.

Already, new matièrescomme Tencel, a natural fibre of cellulose obtained from eucalyptus wood, had migrated from the world of fashion to that of the restoration. Given its antibacterial properties, its heat resistance and its ease of use (no ironing), this material eco-friendly could well become one of the jokers of tomorrow in the face of a course of cotton which continues to rise. “For 2019, we are working on a project green label, a capsule of eco-that we will present at the next Sirha (Salon of the hotel and catering, editor’s NOTE) and which will be released in the spring. With fabrics and accessories in organic or ethical privileging of shorter circuits, incorporating buttons into compost, food that can withstand temperatures of-90°.” A new bet for Bragard, who has never been afraid to take jackets.


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