Wami and Angus got together in the zoo of Paris in 2014. Aged both seven years old, the two males move in the life zone Sahel-Sudan, within an enclosure of more than 5000 m2 with grevy’s zebras, a cobe de Lechwe and a hornbill land. We often see them lying one against the other, under their shelter, during the afternoon. To identify Wami, you have to be very observant: it is slightly bigger than Angus, and when it has the raised head, the bump that forms on the back of his neck is much larger.

largest mammal on earth after the elephant, the rhinoceros is herbivorous. At the zoo, Angus, 2,1 tonnes, and Wami, 2.2 tons, eat all day long. They feed on hay – they are given to will – and pellet-special, prepared from cereals. They go out every day if the outside temperature is above – 5C°. Early in the morning, the keepers bring several kilos of hay, which they spread throughout the enclosure.

daily care to reassure

The care of Wami and Angus are very specific. They have the right to “manicure” special ” one day on two. “It may happen that the rhinos have cracks at the level of legs under their hooves, which are very fragile,” explains Fanny Autin careful, zoological Park. “We then apply ointments (fish oil, clay). This activity lasts for about ten minutes, and if they are a little stressed, we reduced the time to care.” There is a real exchange between the staff of the zoo and the rhinos. Work on contact require time at the observation. “We try to be tuned in function of their behaviour, their reaction to” also tell the careful. “Some days they can be more tense, more nervous. These are animals, a bit shy and when they hear our voice, it is reassuring.”

The rhino can live up to 50 years in captivity. It is not known if Angus and Wami will remain so for a long time in Paris, because the program of global coordination allows the various animal parks in exchange for the reproduction of the species. One of the two rhinos might be led to change the country, replaced by a female is to small to come.

Parc zoologique de Paris. Avenue Daumesnil (Xii). Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 18h, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 to 19.30. Weekend special rhino. Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 may 2019.

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