The best: Breizh Café Odeon

Bertrand Larcher, the king of the “pancake otherwise” installed in Cancale, Saint-Malo, Tokyo and Paris, has increased its excellent creperie in the Marais. First stop, Odeon, with a large terrace which is all the rage for sunny days. In a setting gross chic, we find its patties full of buckwheat organic land and sea, topped products the breton top quality, but also graphic creations way maki rolls, the rolls, filled with prawns or the andouille of Guéméné. Not to mention a rich map of ciders and craft. Also of note, two new Breizh Café on the side of Montorgueil (IIe), and all fees, des Batignolles (XVIIe).

Breizh Café Odeon. 18, the carrefour de l’odéon (Life). Tel.: 01 42 49 34 73. Everyday. Card approx 20-40€.

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bobo: Brutus

Open the heart of the Batignolles by three thirty-something of the origins of brittany and normandy, this address is a self-proclaimed “cidrologue” and “crêpophile” aspires to wake the specialty bigoudène. How? Thanks to a frame in the air reminiscent of a house by the sea, recipes to the names of the grandmothers (Jacqueline, Lucienne, Eliane…), mixing classic and creativity (ham peppered, chicken-tajine…) and a map of ciders and craft of different lands, served in cocktails.

Brutus. 99, rue des Dames (Xvii). Tel.: 09 86 53 44 00. Everyday. Card approx 15-20€.

The soap: Alain Miam Miam

The whimsical and talented maker of in-the event whose stand is systematically the full market of the Red Children, split it just to the side, in a small shop. On-site, for a couple of diners, and take-away, found his cornet vegetarian (dough blinis), cakes (sweet and savoury) and sandwiches are generous and made-up minute. With the discussion and the good mood of the boss as a bonus!

Alain Miam Miam. 26, rue Charlot (Iii). Everyday sf lun. Card approx 10-15 €.

mixologist: Kasha

Kasha? Quésaco? Wheat black in Russian! Not borshtch in this posh address in the canal Saint-Martin, but of cakes made of buckwheat, an ingredient that can also be found in the cocktails, the other specialty of the house, signed by the mixologist Hugo Pomarat (Mr. Antoine). The products are finely sourced vegetables (of Zingam, butter Borniambuc, county, small producer, etc) and the card combines classic and creative recipes.

Kasha. 9, rue des Récollets (Xe). Tel.: 09 51 76 34 26. Everyday sf lun. and mar. Card approx 20-30€.

stashed: Kiss

Installed in the very greedy passage des Panoramas (where the talented Simone Tondo and has just won a star for Roots), the address to the busy workers of the district at the lunch break, poster panels and light wood as a nod to the pink granite coast of brittany. In the plate, exit the tradi, cap on cakes creative: beans, avocado, pickles, red onions, feta ; stracciatella ice cream, suckling pig, mushroom truffle cream… for dessert, no hesitation: the Cookie is no crime (dark chocolate, cookies, whipped cream).

Kiss. 62, passage des Panoramas (IIe). Tel.: 09 62 50 35 28. Everyday sf dim. (deen.) and lun. (deen.). Card approx 15-20€.

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