Jardin Nelson-Mandela

Located at the meeting of the Exchange to trade, to the church of Saint-Eustache and the Canopy of les Halles, the garden Mandela is the green lung of the district. It has spaces for children, such as the adventure playground of 2500 m2 (for children 7 to 11 years). Last accommodation date, a playground of 400 m2 (a football field, two half basketball courts and two ping-pong tables), fully decorated from the ground to the basket by the street artist Romain Froquet.
Jardin Nelson-Mandela. Passage of the Canopy-streets of Rambuteau and Shells-rue de Viarmes – street Shepherd (Ier).

Garden Berthe-Weill

The garden Berthe-Weill (Iii). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

a few meters from the Picasso Museum, this little place of peace has opened its doors at the end of last year. Soon named Berthe-Weill (Iii), the name of the first woman, a gallery owner in Paris, it is located at the corner of rue de Thorigny, and the Pearl and is split into two separate areas. Consisting of three trays planted out, the public part is the place of conviviality and meetings. Next to the wooden benches, a small reading room has been designed in the open air. In the summer, the lawn could well be the new place for sunbathing! Neighbor of the retirement home, Madeleine Béjart and the crib of the Pearl, the island of rest promotes intergenerational contact.
Garden Berthe-Weill. Angle rue de Thorigny and rue de la Perle (Iii).

Garden of the Father-Armand-David

It is one of the most hidden of Paris, nestled between the rue du Cherche-Midi and rue de Sèvres. It bears the name of the missionary lazariste, the great French naturalist, who died in his congregation in 1900. It belongs to the latter since 1817. It has been almost a year, the Paris city Hall in a refurbished area of 500 m2 for the enjoyment of those who seek a little quiet. Few games for children, benches, and three squares of aromatic plants, for a moment, peaceful under the lime-trees and plane trees.
Garden of the Father Armand David. 90, rue du Cherche-Midi (Life). Enter the building from 9 am to 19 h.

Garden Truillot

Well placed in the Eleventh, it stretches between the boulevard Richard-Lenoir and Voltaire on an area of 5 600 m2 that has been renovated. The two axes are connected 24 h/24, the place does not close. It is thanks to the participatory budget that this space of greenery, landscaped by landscape architects Marie-Odile Ricard and Jean-Marc Névanic, has seen the light of day. It makes beautiful use of urban agriculture with many of the plantations. A shared garden, an educational garden, two play areas, a lawn of 1 600 m2, a place for cultural events and even a wall dedicated to street art…
Garden Truillot (Xi). Between boulevard Richard-Lenoir and Voltaire.

Garden Breguet

Located between the rue Breguet and the Villa Marces, this new garden was inaugurated at the beginning of the month of may. This new green space has a central lawn bordered by numerous species of trees (scots pines, cherry trees, maples). With a palette of vegetable-rich and diverse (hedges, shrubs, herbaceous plants), the municipal garden is an ideal place for relaxation and walks with family.
Garden Breguet. 31, rue Breguet (Xi).

The Garden Charcot (Xiii). Mairie de Paris Garden Charcot

With its 2 168 m2 perched on the roof of a gymnasium at the corner of the streets Boudard and du Chevaleret, garden Charcot offers a great view of the halle Freyssinet, a remarkable building railway of the 1920s. We can, according to desire, stretch out on the lawns under the few trees, or can be installed on timber structures dynamics, such as ships ‘ hulls chavirés. It is a little out of the time and spy on Paris that up in this garden installed along the promenade Lévi-Strauss, ideal for lovers of modern architecture.
Garden Charcot. Corner of the street Boudard and rue Chevaleret (Xiii).

Parc Sainte-Périne

Since last July, the surface of the garden Sainte-Périne has almost doubled, from 2.1 hectares to 3.7. New spaces have been created for the promenade, with walkways and lawns planted with trees. Plane trees, maple trees, ash trees, lime trees alongside more than 70 exotic trees. The flowers are also the part with the massive mediterranean and floral decorations.
Parc Sainte – Périne. 41, rue Mirabeau (Xvi).

The Serres d’auteuil (Xvith). Bruno Levesque/Bruno Levesque / IP3 New greenhouses contemporary d’auteuil

After six years of legal battles, the Jardin des serres d’auteuil is transformed. Six new greenhouses contemporary take place around the new tennis courts of Roland-Garros, Simonne Mathieu. High of six metres, they are supposed to conceal the object of discord, a semi-buried. It welcomes thousand plants of over 500 species, often rare. The route taken by the visitors was designed as a journey through four continents: South America, Africa, South-East asia and Australia. It can be explored in one direction or the other. Until the end of the tournament, it will only be a walk in the 6 000 m2 of historical greenhouses.
The Serres d’auteuil. 3, place de la Porte-d’auteuil (Xvith). Opening to the public on 21 June.

Little Belt

This project of railway around Paris, born in the second half of the Nineteenth century, is gradually being rehabilitated to the great joy of the Parisians. It is the turn of the section between the street of Crowns and the rue Ménilmontant, in the Twentieth, to be rearranged. Is a walk of 5 000 m2 between two tunnels that are closed to all-comers. The bridge, closed since 2017, is expected to reopen by the end of next year. By 2020, new segments will open up extending the project to other boroughs.
The Little Belt. Entry 18, rue de la Mare (Xx).


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