The place. Cornaqué by the chief consultant, Thibault Sombardier (ex-“Top Chef” and already at the helm of the michelin-starred restaurant Antoine in the Sixteenth and Verde, a restaurant-tapas bar that has replaced Yeeels, avenue George-V), this bistro so called in reference to the first name of the painter Bassano (the street perpendicular) presents itself as an immense refectory loft neo-industrial, using concrete, velvet and gilt.

The plate. “It’s navy, it simmers, it bubbles,” such is the thread of the map. So, do not be surprised to see it reappear the egg mayo, the soup Saint-Germain, the blanquette of veal, the salmon with bearnaise, and chocolate mousse on the plates, among other proposals for the air time. Neither gastro nor cantoche, a benefit honest given the price-quality ratio.

Bravo. The friendly service in the river, the speakeasy bar behind the kitchen.

Damage. The noise was deafening at full throttle, the absence of a reservation that can seduce or scare.

Jacopo. 5 bis, rue Vernet (Viii). No reservations. Everyday from 12 p.m. to 2 h. Card: 35-40 €.


The place. After you have picked Anahi (Iii), Riccardo Giraudi – the exclusive importer of Kobe beef in Europe – is presenting its Beefbar monaco in place of la Fermette Marbeuf. The Art nouveau decor – including the magnificent glass roof – has been relaunched by Humbert & kenneth chalmers to host including fridges, exposing the barbaque glowing. Service snobby and customer bling to the appointment.

The plate. , As its name indicates, the address declines the beef with all the sauces. For the appetizers, empanadas, bao, roll, ham or steak tartare – the latter of nice chewy, but too seasoned to enjoy the taste of the meat. And by flat, mostly grilled, presented depending on the breed and their diet, 27… to 190 € for the Kobe beef in teppanyaki. If the skirt steak black angus grilled, had a tasty marbling, the burger turned out to be really disappointing to play the card gadget of the fast-food (the steak wagyu cooked as a sole).

Bravo. The chocolate souffle for two for dessert, very generous.

Damage. The price of bloody.

Beefbar. 5, rue Marbeuf (Viii). Tel.: 01 44 31 40 00. Everyday. Formula: 35 € (déj.). Card: 60-150 €.

The Cake

The place. An address iodine to double-dip (map and formula at lunch ; small plates to share, and in the evening) conducted by a friendly thirty-year-old costarmoricain. Atmosphere of galley breton appropriate: chandeliers and wicker in homage to the packed fishing seats navy blue, wood bar way hut, beach, crabs on the walls and tables…

The plate. gate at the time of the dinner! Among the tapas listed on a bottle in the sea: fritters of crab, fish and chips vitelotte, ceviche, whelks mayo, knives to plancha… An honest finger food, a little greasy, but licking your fingers. And a good plan to nibble on around a drink between friends in the neighborhood (without sinking its portfolio).

Bravo. The happy oysters from 17 h to 20 h (with a glass of muscadet and three fines de claire no. 3 for € 10), the playlist rock.

Damage. The room is a bit empty that evening.

The Meal. 86, rue La Boétie (Viii). Tel.: 01 45 61 02 02. Everyday sf sam. and dim. Formula: 20 € (déj.). Card: 30-45 € (déj.) ; 15-30 € (deen.).

Edern Edern (Viii). Marco Strullu

The place. Where you can find Jean-Edern Hurstel, toque baroudeuse formed in France but has worked in London and in several palaces in the middle-east in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. After the opening of the Peninsula Paris, and a passage through the box “Top Chef”, here at home in the old Citrus Star, again at great expense. Between the table sales, the boudoir chic and the club, this lair very golden Triangle in the mind is unfolding on two floors.

The plate. It is not there to laugh! Caviar de Sologne, blue lobster, sole de petit bateau, beef, black angus and other fine ingredients buckled to the torso to the map. And dance around in the plate, dressed to the nines as the meat of the meal and its corolla pointillist of coral sauce and tarragon. Or the side of milk-fed veal, of dew, topped with small cubes of juice to the mustard jelly. The flames and the cool, certainly, but the technique also!

Bravo. the quality of The products.

Damage. The music – a kind of showcase at the piano that evening – much too strong. Few wines by the glass, announced in roughly and without any indication of price.

Edern. 6, rue Arsène-Houssaye (Viii). Tel.: 01 45 63 88 01. Everyday sf dim. and lun. Card: 60-120 €.


The place. Already broken for sandwiches and bread makis in its three bakeries in paris, the michelin-starred chef of the Mandarin Oriental tries here to a new year, the fast-food healthy and sustainable. And combines with the designer from marseille Ora-ïto (the sign arises from the contraction Marx and Ito), which imagined a place of soothing powdery pink while mirrors and alcoves contemporary. The team, strong, welcoming, comes from the schools in the reintegration of Thierry Marx.

The plate. No burger, kebab or tacos here, but the Marxito, a sandwich inspired by the dorayakis, pancakes japanese surveys to the buckwheat flour. Side trim, the chief committed favours the plant, sourced from small producers. We prefer the versions of warm (pastrami with cheddar cheese, candied onions, mustard Korean, roman) to cold, which tend to soften (the Avocado with guacamole, pickles, sesame sauce, ginger and tofu). The case, little hearty, enjoy daring combinations and seasonings asiatisants. To also taste the sweet version with cheese, chocolate or matcha green tea, gourmet.

Bravo. The nobility of the subject, the privatisation possible in the evening or during the day.

Damage. The dorayakis need to be cooked a minute.

Marxito. 1 bis, rue Jean-Mermoz (Viii). Tel.: 01 47 20 92 02. No reservations. Of the lun. fri., in continuous operation of 8 h to 17 h 30. Formula: 5,50 and 11 € (breakfast.) ; 15 and 17 € (déj). Card: 15-20 €.

Mermoz (Eighth).. Sébastien SORIANO/Le Figaro Le Mermoz

The place. Manon Fleury. A first name and a last name that has been much heard in recent months in the “foodosphère”… It must be said that the young chef has made a sensation with the opening of this bistro on the Polish classic. Behind the façade limit illegal, it is the beautiful but simply, with large mirrors, tiled floors casson to the old and counter friendly.

The plate. Placed at William Ledeuil at Ze Kitchen Galerie, and Haslexandre Couillon of The Navy (Noirmoutier), the chief has not lost his time! Its plates in clear, crisp, seasoning those squared show. Never show off in small plates in the evening, just common sense and precision: rondouillets keftas, fish spiked with herbs and rubbed them with a tahini sauce ; sprouts, broccoli, grilled well whipped by a cream cheese fiore sardo ; shells pétaradantes of freshness titillées by the nduja is a spicy…

Bravo. excellent wines.

Damage. No reservation in the evening, the service burst: the whole map or almost tested in 45 minutes flat.

The Mermoz. 16, rue Jean-Mermoz (Viii). Tel.: 01 45 63 65 26. Everyday sf dim. and lun. Map: 30-50 €.

And also

Joël Robuchon-Dassai. Opened in April 2018, the last parisian address by Joël Robuchon associated with Hiroshi Sakurai (owner of sake Dassai) is both a bakery-pastry-caterer, a tea lounge-sake bar and a restaurant. An original proposal and very controlled as the “man in black” knew how to concoct.

Joel Robuchon-Dassai. 184, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore (Eighth). Tel.: 01 76 74 74 70. Everyday sf sam. and dim. Price expandable depending on whether we go for the chocolate bread or a ladle of caviar!

the House of The caviar. Recovery by Gilbert and Thierry Costes, the institution within the framework of Art deco has benefited from a kick of cool welcome and exemption from caviar to beautiful extractions at all stages (eggs, pasta, etc.).

the House of The caviar. 21, rue Quentin-Bauchart (Viii). Tel.: 01 47 23 53 43. Everyday. Card: about 50-150 €.

The Abyss (Eighth). Sébastien Veronese

The Abyss. Yannick Alléno provides its Pavillon Ledoyen a sushi bar to fly high to the ground floor. The meeting between the three-star and the virtuoso nippon Yasunari Okazaki makes sparks.

The Abyss. 8, avenue Dutuit (Viii). Tel.: 01 53 05 10 00. Everyday sf-w. e. Menus: 98-280 €.

Apicius. The sumptuous mansion of Jean-Pierre Vigato has been taken, since the spring, by Laurent de Gourcuff (Noctis) and the chef Mathieu Pacaud (Divellec, Anne, etc.). Which assumes a certain chic to the French: hen egg, porcini mushrooms, truffle of Alba, and jerusalem artichoke ; turbot wild, riquette, clams, shells and knives…

Apicius. 20, rue d’artois (Viii). Tel.: 01 43 80 19 66. Everyday sf dim. Card: approximately 150-250 €.

Lamé. A sandwich artisan who kneads his own bread on the premises from organic flour and natural leaven (campaign, ciabatta…) and made a snack of competition: croque-monsieur with gruyère d’alpage, country-style pâté Gilles Vérot and pickles of the house Marc, scamorza smoke and chutney of apples to pink berry…

Lamé. 20 bis, rue La Boétie (Viii). Tel.: 01 84 25 70 90. Everyday sf sam. and dim. Formula: 10,90 €.

” READ ALSO – Taillevent, in praise of the elite.

The curtain opens on the restaurant of the théâtre Marigny

And soon: Ground Control Fields

The living space and restore “free & curious”, installed at two steps from the gare de Lyon train station since last year (after the City fashion and street Ordener), will inaugurate on December 11, a new place ephemeral of 1500 m2 (500 external) down the most beautiful avenue in the world, at the bottom of the Galerie Élysées 26. There is a coffee shop in continuous service with the restoration of the cold, an art gallery with a wine bar and champagne, and a pop-up store, a concept store (books, vinyl, furniture, etc.) and a restaurant based on street food French at affordable prices (with 80 seats, tables, host, take-away counter, and even a stage for concerts). The whole of the restoration was entrusted to Stéphane Jégo, already a sponsor of the Refugee Food Festival-in-residence at the Hall Charolais. The head of the Friend John (Vii) was able to bring light to his friends, cooks and producers: Julien Duboué (Boulom) for the cakes, Eric Ospital and Aitana to the deli, Pariès for the basque cake, Sylvain Erhardt for the asparagus, Kalios for the olives… Ground Control Field should last ten months.

26, avenue des Champs-Elysées (VIIIe). The mar. the sam., from 8 h to 23 h 30.

All of the hotel! Hotel Alfred Sommier, restaurant The Caryatids (Viii). Hotel Alfred Sommier

Location and prestige oblige, “boutique hotels” and other mini-palaces flourish in the borough. Get a great pump without the cover? Unthinkable. Suddenly, everyone has a fancy table. The opportunity to work the sales! A major trend these last few months with a lot of new comers.

99 Haussmann. Gregory Cohen leads the round in this pretty living room lined with a charming courtyard and sign a contemporary kitchen in the tone of the time. Chewable including a hot dog lobster.

Hotel Bowmann. 99, boulevard Haussmann (VIIIe). Tel.: 01 40 08 00 10.

The Damantin. traditional French Cuisine in this restaurant of a very posh mansion of the Nineteenth, combining red brick and stone, located off the cours Albert-Ier.

Hotel Damantin. 1, rue Bayard (Viii). Tel.: 01 53 75 62 62.

Belleval. Atmosphere of a secret garden and haven for this boutique hotel, which had bet on a table healthy . The dishes are gluten-free and/or vegetarian are output.

Hotel Belleval. 16, rue de la Pépinière (Viii). Tel.: 01 85 73 36 45.

The Caryatids. Near the Madeleine, in a particular hotel is lavishly maintained, an intimate table and a refined cuisine that is sent by a celebrated chef of Italian inspirations world. Wow factors guaranteed!

Hotel Alfred Sommier. 20, rue de l’arcade (Viii). Tel.: 01 88 22 33 44.

Restaurant Royal. Poke bowl, burger, avocado toast, egg mayo and other sausage mashed potatoes are sent at the lunch and may be enjoyed at the counter of white marble, or in the winter garden.

Hotel Royal Madeleine. 29, rue de l’arcade (Viii). Tel.: 01 84 25 70 00.

Grand Café Fauchon. For fans of “fauchonneries”, a café entirely dedicated to the famous teaching of the Madeleine. Service continuously from breakfast to dinner.

Hotel Fauchon. 4, bd Malesherbes (Viii). Tel.: 01 87 86 28 00.

The Schiap. This Italian trattoria is led by Michele Dalla Valle, toque transalpine increased by (very) large houses and bistros. The result is a full-ranging: artichokes purple and raw ripened cheese, side of milk-fed veal, risotto of the season…

Hhouse hotel de Berri. 18-22, rue de Berri (Viii). Tel.: 01 76 53 77 70.

The Collector. In a very nice and elegant contemporary setting, near the parc Monceau, the restaurant of this grand family hotel is led by a duo of head-to-soul traveler: phat thai with lobster, black angus chimichurri sauce, gyoza clementines tea matcha…

Hôtel du Collectionneur. 51-57, rue de Courcelles (Viii). Tel.: 01 58 36 67 00.

Mister. Of all time, the one that we called the Table du Lancaster has been a real good hideout for foodies. The recent team change has not altered the thing.

Hotel Lancaster. 7, rue de Berri (Viii). Tel.: 01 40 76 40 76.

The Orangery. Seven-meter ceiling height and a romantiquissime courtyard view, such are the trappings of the lavish Orangery at the George V. After the departure of David Bizet at Taillevent, the kitchen is in the hands of Alan Taudon, faithful Christian Le Squer.

Hotel George V. 31, avenue George-V (Viii). Tel.: 01 49 52 72 24.

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