Georges Simenon, the novelist extraordinary, the Writer to 400 Pounds, the man of all the excesses that swore to having had 10,000 women in his life, died in Lausanne on September 4, 1989. But it is more joyful to celebrate this year as the death of one of the writers major Twentieth century: the 90th anniversary of the creation of the character of Maigret in the sparkling brain of Simenon, two years before his entrance on the stage official in the four novels. Born on Friday, February 13, 1903 in Liège, the novelist was 26 years old in 1929. He signed under a pseudonym of popular novels written in the string. Published under the name of Christian Brulls, night Train was published by Fayard in 1930. Maigret appears at the end of this story of murder aboard the train Paris-Marseille. With already the sketch of the currency that will always be that of “the raccommodeur destiny” over seventy-five novels and twenty-eight news: “Understand and judge not”.

To greet Simenon and the police chief appeared on the screen with Michel Simon, Jean Gabin, Jean Richard and Bruno Cremer, Editions Omnibus will be published, between January and April 2019, an edition in ten volumes of Any Maigret, with the original covers, designed by Jacques de Loustal — the artist for whom one has already of the later editions of Tourist of bananas, The Brothers Rico, A new in the city and The stowaway. Not to forget the six investigations of Maigret illustrated for Omnibus. The readers of the Figaroscope will see in these pages that Loustal does not get tired to draw Maigret with his pipe, his hat, his overcoat collar of velvet. You never get finished with this hero. In some restaurants in paris, its place is still marked by a plaque. This year 2019, it is time to say finally: Maigret is a myth.

1. Montparnasse, La Coupole (The Fourteenth). Jean-Christophe MARMARA/Le Figaro

At the end of the 1920s, Georges Simenon is changing in a small scope, in Montparnasse. In the early evening, it has its habits to the Dome. Then it switches to the Rotunda, where it sometimes crosses Leon Trotsky. Then comes the time of the cabarets of the rue Delambre and rue Huyghens, where today’s Editions Albin Michel, publishing Amélie Nothomb, which assumed the chair of the novelist liégeois at the royal Academy of French language and literature of Belgium.

The Dome. 102, bd du Montparnasse (Xiv).

2. Prom anthropometric

On February 20, 1931, it is the White Ball, rue Vavin, that Simenon festival for the release of the first two investigations of Maigret, Mr. Gallet, deceased, and The Hanged man of Saint-Pholien. For the occasion, the cabaret martinique has been redecorated in the spirit of the Quai des Orfèvres. Fake police shall verify the invitation cards printed as information sheets of the PJ. This “ball anthropometric” has remained in the history of literature.

The white Ball. 33, rue Vavin (Life).

3. 80 pages per day! The hotel Aiglon 232 bd Raspail (Xiv). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

In February 1931, Simenon moved to the Aiglon Hotel, near the Montparnasse cemetery, to write The Head of a man, 9th pane of the adventures of the commissioner. The writer, at his best, is alone in his room with his typewriter, in this establishment without a doorman but with a night guard sleeping in a closet. He laid the copy: 80 pages per day! The admirers of Simenon will boulevard Raspail, to see that the hotel still exists.

Aiglon Hotel. 232, boulevard Raspail (VIe).

4. The dream Gallimard

imenon has long dreamed of being published by Gallimard. He sent the first two manuscripts from 1928, the one and the other rejected by the reading committee. Five years later, the contact is finally established with Gaston Gallimard. The belgian writer has published a few of his masterpieces: The Pitard (1935), Strangers in the house (1940), The Widow Couderc (1942) or The Truth about Baby Donge (1942)..

Editions Gallimard. 5, rue Sébastien-Bottin (Vii)

5. Mansion

“A new case? he asked his wife. – A crime, it seems, avenue du Parc-Montsouris.” Serialized in Le Figaro of November 22 to December 23, 1966, Maigret and the case Nahour is the 168th investigation by the commissioner. The police investigation into the assassination of Félix Nahour, a Lebanese maronite who was found murdered in the office of his mansion.

Avenue du Parc-Montsouris (fictitious. Rue du Parc-de-Montsouris (Xiv).

6. A bridge very far

In Paris, I have sought also to find the man naked, and to know the France, said Simenon in 1975. And I wanted to do so through the rivers and canals (…). The true face of Paris, it is the edge of the Seine.” The specialists of the writer have pointed out the numerous appearances of the bridge of Austerlitz in his work. Left bank or right bank? The attentive reader to find it.

Bridge of Austerlitz. (Fifth and Thirteenth).

7. First apartment Place des Vosges (Iii). Pierre Olivier Deschamps/Pierre Olivier Deschamps

Rastignac belgian arrived in Paris in 1922, Georges Simenon has long lived in the hotel before to ask his suitcases in a two-room apartment on the courtyard of the place des Vosges. It was in 1924, at the time of his marriage with Régine Renchon, called Tigy. Three years later, her writing projects enable the couple bohème to rent on the second floor of this particular hotel is full of history.

Place des Vosge. 21, place des Vosges (Iii).

8. The “36”

To the big time, the “36” was home to the headquarters, the joint staff and the services of the regional Directorate of the judicial police of the prefecture of police of Paris. All the great criminals of the Twentieth century are spent in its walls, of Dr. Petiot brothers Zemmour. Long after that the cops of the olden time have disappeared from the island of the City, this address is legendary. It is at the end of The First Survey of Maigret, 1913 (1949) that the police officer is assigned to quai des Orfèvres.

staff of the judicial police. 36, quai des Orfèvres (Ier).

9. Meditation to lock

Man of the North, the novelist belgian fond of the channels. Those of Paris seem to have provoked in him a certain melancholy. Written in 1955, Maigret and the headless body begins in a bar on the quai de Valmy whose boss has disappeared. On the side of the locks of the Récollets, Maigret meditate by watching the reflection of the suspects in the black water of the canal Saint-Martin.

Lock of the Recollects. 86, quai de Valmy (Xe).

10. Tender Montmartre

Simenon had a particular kindness for the neighbourhood, described in Maigret and the customer of the Saturday (1962). “His theatre of the Workshop, which had the air of a toy or a decoration, its bars, its shops, was therethem to the commissioner the true Montmartre popular.” However, need not go in search of the “police station of the rue des Abbesses,” created in Maigret and the young dead (1954). As the brasserie Dauphine, he was born of the imagination of the novelist.

Montmartre District. Place des Abbesses (Xviii).

11. Madame Maigret! 24, avenue of the Republic (Eleventh). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

Simenon, who was asked one day what was his ideal woman, replied without hesitation: “Madame Maigret.” In the commissioner’s investigations, a native of the Allier, his wife is waiting in their apartment at 132 boulevard Richard-Lenoir, in the Xith arrondissement, a given address in Maigret and his death in 1947. Perfect cook, Louise treats the police officer gastrosophe with quiches (In Flemish, 1932) or cassoulet (Maigret hesitates, 1968).

The fictitious address of Maigret. 132, bd Richard-Lenoir (Xi).

12. Pleasures poisonous

Sidewalk Élysé’-Palace / In the night-velvet / Where our hearts we looked so heavy / And our flesh, if tired: four verses of Paul-Jean Toulet evoke the night city that has loved Simenon during the roaring twenties. “The Champs-Élysées had not yet a single store. There was no sign, or neon, or other. The only slightly bright, in the evening, was the Fouquet’s,” recalled the novelist.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées. (Viii).

The integral of Any Maigret (10 volumes), Georges Simenon, illustrated by Loustal, published by Omnibus, to be published between 31 January and the month of April.

The addresses of Simenon in Paris.


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