Liu Bolin is seeping at the Royal Monceau.

The air of nothing, it is everywhere. Liu Bolin is an artist chameleon who managed to slip by all the doors. Even if he does not claim a political commitment in his works, he denounces the urbanization of China, the pollution and the deforestation of the region of Shandong, an example among others that he has shown in a series, Cancel the Village, in 2013. Liu Bolin, 45, uses the means of his time, and does not hesitate to play to the hacker artist. He is proud to have infiltrated the official portals to disseminate his art, based, among other things skillfully in an image of the Eiffel tower on a tourist site.

The employees of Ruinart play the game of invisibility. LIU BOLIN/PRESS ROYAL MONCEAU

Currently, as a result of prestige of the Royal Monceau, a “Workshop” hidden ” allows you to discover the work he has done at Ruinart in Reims. This master of trompe-l’oeil has asked the staff of the champagne house to participate in his work. “I approached this work as my other …

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