And if, once more, the electric car renouait with the use for which it was once planned: a vehicle clearly oriented towards established paths? This is what one might think upon learning that the police of Basel has decided to establish Tesla. What do the usual patrols in silence and without issue locally of CO2, while benefiting from the space, as the forces of the order have been given three models X 100 D particularly spacious.

But these large Tesla should allow much more than simple patrols in urban areas. The Model X 100 D goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 5 seconds and reaches 250 km/h. what To make of the suspects on the highway for several hundred kilometers. In addition to the ecological dimension and the performance, the police of Basel conjures up usage costs moderate compared to those of a thermal vehicle equivalent. At least on “long term”, because the Model X is still more than 100 000 € on the French market, and it will take time to absorb its acquisition.

Tesla also comes to improve the performance of its charging infrastructure, its true nugget. The new Tesla will be able to reload to 250 kW on the “Supercharger” of third génaration, the deployment of which will be from the 4th quarter in Europe. Tesla will soon be able to load up to 150 kW on the “Supercharger” of the 2nd generation.


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