“The Post” is an artist collective installed at 29, rue Blanche (IXe). It brings together 70 artists, 17 of whom live on site. The problem according to the competent authorities? The occupants are installed in offices belonging to the Italian company Generali. But these same offices are now deserts for the past ten years.

The logo of the collective “The Post”. The Post

Since January 7, 2019, for many forms of art are performed, at such point as to want to draw up an exhaustive list would be futile. Painting, sculpture, photography, sewing… but also poetry, a tattoo, stained glass windows and football coexist without pushing or shoving. Each activity has its dedicated place. The building brings together a wide range of artistic practices and also associations. Sports associations are welcome to train, the HOMELESS are housed, the rooms are even lent to the workers, for their general meetings. A true agora, a modern.

This occupation, now illegal, however, seems to be legitimate. And because, the occupants do not claim nothing but peace, tranquility and a place to practice their art. “It is a building of labour and housing” , said, in all sobriety, Alex, a representative of the collective. The “Post” does not claim any political commitment, if this is the right to housing enshrined in the French Constitution since 1946. He also points the finger at the difficulties of artists to find spaces of collaborative work in Paris. One can imagine how an office building abandoned was a godsend in a city where the pressure of the real estate is still stronger…

Unlawful, but “legit”

The respect of the neighbors is one thing paramount in the eyes of the occupants: no evening parties, no damage, and even work schedules in place. The discretion has led to this funny community to be accepted in a district in central the capital, since their activities “are recognized by the inhabitants of the district” according to Nathalie Maquoi, delegated to the mayor of the Twentieth arrondissement, in charge of culture.

Since the first day, the collective has also started proceedings to have the right to occupy quietly the scene, which earned them the favor of Delphine Bürkli, the mayor of the Ninth arrondissement. “The town hall has contributed a lot to negotiations with Generali” , thanks to the collective. This resulted in the district court, on the 16th of April last. “The Post” is now waiting for the verdict of the same court, which is expected to be may 15, and lead very probably to an occupancy agreement is a provisional for a few months. This permission allows one or more people to temporarily fill a space that does not belong to him. Regardless of the outcome of this case, the members of the group say that they do not intend to protest the decision of the court. On the phone, Alex confided to us: “The terms and conditions of Generali will be ours” . Hats off to them.

May be, we may hope now that The “Post” will walk in the footsteps of the famous 59 Rivoli (Ier), legalized in 2009, following a commitment of Bertrand Delanoë. In the meantime, the opening night open to all is organized in this squat 2.0, up to Friday, may 3…

The Post. 29, rue Blanche (IXe). Open to all. Tel.: 06 30 21 33 14.


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