The scooter’s electrical has become, over the last few months one of the new means of travel in urban classified appearing at the head of what is called “NVEI” (New Electric Vehicles Individual).

As scooters, electric do not belong to any category of vehicles currently defined by the Code of the road. Their movement in the public space is not regulated. Its use is therefore in principle forbidden! The scooters cannot ride anywhere the light of the rule of law. So they are now tolerated on our streets.

1. Riding on the sidewalk?

unlike the scooters without a motor, which are similar to vehicles, pedestrians, scooter motorized is not allowed to ride on the sidewalk. The article R-412-34 of the Code of the road excludes on this space all the gear to engine (except vehicles disabled).

2. Roll on the floor?

In the absence of reception, that is to say, formal authorisation, the use of the scooter electric, which remains a “gear motor”, is also prohibited on the floor, under penalty of a fine class 5 (art. L. 321-1-1 of the Code of the road: 1 500 euro fine).

3. Riding on a bike path?

No more. In fact, the bike path is reserved for cycles (that is not the scooter electrical) with two or three wheels propelled by the muscular energy (article R. 311-1 of the highway Code).

note: the use of this new machine necessarily imposes an insurance scheme specific to ensure your liability in case of material damage or personal injury to yourself or to a third party and in particular to respond to the legal uncertainty of its use.

The use of this new machine necessarily imposes a blanket insurance specific, in particular to respond to the legal uncertainty of its use. François BOUCHON/Le Figaro


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