With the operators of scooters electric, which are investing our cities, these new machines have multiplied rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner. So, in the meantime the next act of orientation on mobility, these machines are quite prevalent on the sidewalks and their users are not always aware of the danger to which they expose themselves. Ride at 25 km/h without protection can have tragic consequences in the event of impact. In addition, the traffic rules for these devices are still unclear.

For the crash test organized by MMA, a model of 50 kg was placed on a scooter, before being struck by a Renault Twingo travelling at 50 km/h. This may represent a situation or someone in a scooter was stopped at an intersection, and is hit by a motorist who has not overview. The small electric machine may also have toasted the priority to the car, because the drivers of these new vehicles often take a lot of liberties with the basic rules of the highway Code.

These devices, do not require permits and are very easy to take in hand. They encourage people who are inexperienced to venture into the urban jungle. At the risk of suffering the consequences. The small Twingo, leaves, and collided with the scooter hit in a deafening din. The poor dummy made a glide flight, and his electrical machine is found under the wheels of the car, is in a pitiful state. The head of the young man dummy hit the windshield so violently that a human being would likely not have survived. And yet, it was an impact with a small city. If the driver had followed the mode SUV, that would be the outcome of the model?

someone in A scooter, should wear clothing that is visible, be equipped with protections (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves), and adopt a more responsible behaviour on the road. It is also imperative to check that one is well insured, in the case where the scooter is the property of the user (and not a vehicle in the free-floating, provided by the operator).

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