Naccusez Roland Chelly greenwashing: the écocachemire that he just launched is born of his love for the used items and not any opportunism in marketing. “Socially, we are already responsible, since our clothes are made in Europe since our inception,” explains the co-founder of Majestic Mills. Our t-shirts are produced in conditions best, this project mesh goes in the same direction. At our level, we participate to the collective effort.”

His cashmere as well retissés in Italy from bales of sweaters purchased used in the United States. Washed and sorted by colours, they are not reteints not to add chemicals and to stand out in a palette of washed out colors antique: ecru, grey, ocean blue, cherry… “The idea comes from our supplier in Tuscany, tells the entrepreneur. Being crazy about recycling, I did not hesitate for a second. This line represents a small third of our collection, it doesn’t look like the rest of our range, and is more affordable. It is expected to attract a younger clientele, who loves the vintage, and shows sensitive to upcycling (creative recycling, editor’s NOTE). I understand, we live in a too-full of clothes, a waste scary.”

Eco Cacherime

The mesh is not the heart of the know-how of Majestic Mills ; the t-shirt luxury woven on traditional looms and declined in mixtures of cotton, remains their best-seller. But the sweaters to the big gauges, seamless, cool and refined, launched in the winter of 2017, have been greeted with enthusiasm. “We’re not positioned on the niche of the cashmere round neck kingdom colorful and cheap. Compete with Uniqlo does not have meaning and this is not what our customers expect from us. They come in Majestic for creations in high-end, what we do best!”

When Roland Chelly and his partner Franck Ellia based Majestic Mills, in Paris in 1989, the landscape of the ready-to-wear was much different from today. They then manufacture t-shirts of quality in their factory in Italy (the Mills of the Lion) that they sell at Sonia Rykiel, Joseph, and a few multi-brand, before settling in a cheap Left Bank. “When we started, there was so much to do. In the street, you may not find all of these stores of the chain. Now, the competition is fierce. To cope with this, it is necessary to be uncompromising on quality. The customers also have changed, they are informed. I sometimes have the impression of dealing with professionals in the textile! Fashion has become a hobby, they know everything. And they are looking for perfection.”

Of 175 € to 315 €, in shops and on


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