After having hosted, during the reopening of the Molitor in 2014, first exhibition, “Under the wave”, the 78 cabins, which surround the basin of winter of the old water sports complex, a jewel of Art deco designed by Lucien Paulet transformed into a luxury hotel, render their walls, for an indefinite period, with 78 works of street artists. Outside the clientele of the establishment, this huge contemporary art gallery urban is also available to the public, the opportunity of free visits or guided (paid for) which are held each week. To participate, registration is required.

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Two years have been necessary to the realization of the project, which saw the light of day in 2016 under the leadership of Sylvia Randazzo. An initiative that now allows the young artistic director in charge of the cultural activities of the establishment to make the public discover the work of urban artists. Carte blanche was given to him to invite graffiti artists of his choice, with priority given to those who had already known Molitor, a real workshop is open to the sky during the abandonment of the site between 1989 and 2014. But also, other artists, parisian or ile-de-france, with the idea of making a link between the cabins and their graffiti, such as can be found on the walls of the capital. She also wanted to favour the diversity and highlight the wealth of urban art.

Sylvia Randazzo is proud to present “the largest art gallery of urban contemporary in the world… in a swimming pool”. Since may 21, 2018, the walls and ceilings of the 78 cabins, which surround the basin of the winter exhibit of the graffiti, of course, but also origami with Mademoiselle Maurice, collage, work on posters, including Balder and Joachim Roman, stencil, abstract and figurative art. And sights like the cabin of the Franks Colorful with an interactive installation, that of Marko93 and calligraphy… The opportunity for visitors to learn a little more about the urban art and also admire the Art deco architecture and the mosaics of the pool and winter pool 33 meters long, topped by a glass roof. Our advice, go for the guided tour!

Cabins of the artists of the basin winter Molitor. 2, avenue de la porte Molitor (Xvi). By appointment only: Wednesday at 18h (free visit), Friday, at 14h (guided tour), Saturday at 14h ( guided tour) and 16h (free visit). Price: 8€ guided tour.


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