happiness is in The garden! The winners of the 18th national contest of gardens, organized by the national Society of horticulture of France (SNHF), a partner of the Figaro , the association Jardinot and the Groupement national interprofessionnel des semences (Gnis), confirms this once again.

This place, foster, friendly, and refreshing, as well as for men who grow for the birds and small wild animals that frequent it, is “a matter of passion, skill, drama and poetry,” said Jean-Marc Muller, president of the section of vegetable Gardens and orchards of the SNHF, during the awards ceremony, which took place on 5 December in Paris. These are the qualities that are to be found in all the winners who have succeeded to the podium to receive their awards and distinctions.

the Good practices of gardening SNHF

Open to all, the contest rewards the gardens are remarkable in terms of diversity of species of vegetables grown, of good practices of gardening (mulching, crop rotation, use of local varieties, zero phyto, protection of fauna etc), and aesthetics (association with flowers, harmony, balance).

They are awarded by a jury of experts who, after a first sorting of applications, visits in each of the gardens “nominated” to establish the note and the final ranking. This year no less than 21 gardeners have been rewarded in the categories “private Garden”, “vegetable Garden in a set of collective gardens” (backyard gardens), “vegetable Garden located in a environment landscape”, “Gardens or fields teaching” and “Gardens shared established and grown within a company or by an association.”

The grand prix 2018 have been awarded to:

Cathy Babau , , in the category “Garden” . The splendid garden of 1300 m2 in the slope, located in Pradal (Hérault) has seduced the jury with its shimmering colors and its panoramic view on all the plantations. Decorated with taste, this place is a real delight of greenery thanks to the paillages crops, and a technique of watering original.

Francis Michel Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne) in the category “vegetable Garden in a set of collective gardens” for its garden of 600 m2 divided into two plots that he cultivates from 35 years with a perfect technical mastery, and in which he obtains spectacular results. A perfect example of a garden food that exudes warmth.

Florence Cattenoz and John Granello to Husseren-Wesserling (Haut-Rhin) in the category “vegetable Garden located in a landscape environment”. In this case, the park of Wesserling, a historical monument that recalls the industrial adventure of the former royal Manufactory. Managed and designed by the two winners since 2003, with great attention to aesthetics, this garden brings together an impressive variety of vegetables.

Etienne Serious in the category ‘Gardens or plots pedagogical” . Educator within the association Archipelago, the winner hosts the horticultural “Emile scents” of Saint-André-lez-Lille (Nord) dedicated to people suffering from mental disorders. An educational tour is arranged in the objective to improve the cognitive process of patients: recognition of different types of mint or mulch, chips for find animals and plants… The patients are also assigned to gardening work, maintenance, or manufacture of garden furniture.

Hourya Kontate in Arcueil (Val-de-Marne) in the category “Gardens shared established and grown within a company or by an association.”

If you want to, you too, share your passion for the garden and appear at the top of the editing 2019 just ask the registration file at the SNHF (84 rue de Grenelle – 75007 Paris or info@snhf.org) and send it duly filled before the 30 June 2019 at the latest.


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