Nothing can prepare for the visual shock that causes an atoll of the Tuamotu archipelago. Nothing. Not even the previous experience of the sumptuous Maldives, yet the other countries of the atolls (the word is maldivian). Archipelago of hubris, the Tuamotu islands are without parallel on the planet. Imagine a string of 78 delicate rings, coral flower water, planted with coconut trees, scattered over 1500 kilometres from north-west to south-east and about 500 km of is in west. Not the slightest relief, only a flatness absolute, vertigo, liquid from the blue of Prussia, the most pure turquoise, the most sparkly.

Nothing in common with the islands of the Society or Marquesas, the silhouettes of the mountainous sharp as darts. To locate them on a map, it takes a magnifying glass, because these “Lilliput” play hide-and-seek on the green velvet blue of the South Pacific. From the air, it looks like a necklace of glistening pearls asked …

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