The VW Passat could be in Western Europe. According to the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” (“HAZ”) thinks for a VW to stop production of the medium class model in Emden and to build in the factory instead of electric cars. 2022 would then roll the last Passat. A decision is expected in mid-November at the meeting of the Supervisory Board. The model number of the streets of the world, but in no case is likely to disappear.

According to the original plans in 2018, around 251,000 Passat should be made on the North sea coast, until the end of December it will be according to “HAZ” but only 229.000 units. The 8700 people employed to 2018 already on short-time work and fancy layers to get used to. Background of the falling demand for the midrange model, not least: While the Passat in Germany in spite of the growing competition from SUVs for years, regularly in the Top five of the best-selling passenger Car, he showed up in the Rest of Europe last longer even among the top 25 most popular models.

SUVs could the Passat

replace Large and relatively expensive medium-class cars are in demand, especially in southern Europe – and if they are, more prestige models such as the Mercedes C-class (20th place in September of 2018, will be bought with almost 13,000 units). Globally, the Passat is around 319.000 units in the current year, 2018 at rank 19, it does count technically, only distantly related models in China and the United States, which are also produced locally and not from a plant closure in Emden would be affected are there, however.

Instead, the Passat and its derivatives in China for decades, the best-sellers of the brand, in the US only in 2016, the renewed sedan to break the dominance of the Japanese in this Segment.

In Germany and Europe, could on the one hand, to replace the SUV models VW Passat, on the other hand, the coming of electric cars, the I. D. of the family. For 2020, announced VW Neo is placed with its Golf-like external dimensions, although theoretically in the compact class, is to offer thanks to the space-saving drive but so much room as a Passat.

the Neo in Volkswagen’s first pure E-car factory in Zwickau will be Built. The demand should increase and parallel to this, the product range will be expanded, should sufficient local capacity for a long time. Emden could then be used for the second electric plant. A part of the workforce would no longer be needed, since the production of E-models is less complex than that of cars with internal combustion engine.

The latest, and possibly last Generation of the VW Passat is launched in late 2014 and is expected to receive in 2019 of a face-lift. 2022 would be achieved no later than the end of the usual model cycle of life. The first Passat was launched in 1973, since then, five generations have followed.


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