With 15 square metres of floor space is the “True Studio” a real Tiny House and not following the Trend to make as much as possible of the living room somehow to transport. I would add a further feature: “True Studio” is built on a Trailer and therefore has no tires, and it will not be pulled on the hook.

Container as the Basis for Tiny House

The base of the “True Studio” is a plain old shipping container. A real small house that is less than a primary residence to serve has come. It can be used as a summer house or weekend cottage at scenic places where you may build no permanent structures. A variant is explicitly designed as Airbnb offer.

life in idyllic locations

it’s fitting that the house can be equipped with an Autonomous life without the connection of supply lines is possible. Of the Container leads to a “True Studio” only has one level. The space magnification many Tiny Houses, the beds are a “half” floor in the pitched roof in which there is not here. The largest part of the 15 square feet of interior space is taken up by a combined living and sleeping area. There is a double bed and some storage space also has a kitchen with a full oven and Four-burner stove, a sink and a refrigerator. Even a dining table with two seats is in the vicinity. In addition, you will find the comfort of a small bath with a shower, sink and toilet.

The great Details you see in the photo above.

“True Studio” is not a composite toilet, but a toilet that burns the waste to ash. By default, the Tiny House has a power connector, it can equip also with a solar module. Optionally, a voice-controlled Smart Home System, rain water collection, extra Deck, outdoor shower and Underfloor heating are available.

Noble shell, tasteful interior

The concept of a holiday home in accordance with the Container opens to the side for the landscape, for the holidays, you are living more outside the house than within the 15 square meters.

it is Impressive how the company has Modern Dwellings from Oregon to the Container. From the outside, it is hardly recognize as such. The steel housing can be clad with various materials, the Container will be drawn one at a case. In the interior, no steel is visible, it is dominated by tastefully put-together Woods. Very precious also in the Container into the offset input field – so the house no longer looks like a Shoe box.

Not for vagabonds

In principle, thought you could set the Container on a special trailer that you could move into the US with a heavy Pick-up. “True Studio” is geared less for nomads on a permanent wandering, but should be some time in a place. Then the Tiny House can be supplied by each transport company. The stable container base, it is even possible that the house simply by using a crane in an inaccessible place. In very remote places, could be a Container, even from a helicopter settle.

As with all Tiny Houses “to True, the Studio is” not cheap: The basic version is cost of 55,000 dollars.

Outdoor Airstream Basecamp X – the trailer for off-road Camping

The Basecamp Airstream is robust and reliable in any terrain and offers the comfort of a comfortable caravan. Now, the X-model comes out, it has been specially optimised for off-road tracks.



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