Sowath Rety suddenly decides to leave the trail. Instinct, perhaps. The experience without doubt. The machete lingers on a vine recalcitrant, annoys on a branch of a rebel, while the eyes scan the confusion vegetable in search of an index, a rod broken, herbs, procumbent. In a small clearing, the leader of the rangers eventually find what he foresaw: a few cans of energy drink scattered among the dead leaves, a collection of posts, the remains of a makeshift shelter and a handful of old collars abandoned. “It was a camp of poachers, they have had to stay there for a week.”

A little further on, a series of pickets split in their length reveals the object of their lust. “And lo and behold traps for civet cats… They put a piece of pineapple between the two segments that will eventually fold over and pinch the head or the paw of the animal.” Sold alive farms vietnamese, these cousins of the mongoose will then follow a diet based on grains of …

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