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At the airport, read the Laurel wreath welcomes visitors already at the exit from the plane. Each of the Tokyo-Taxi carries the Banner. And the double towers of the city hall’s skyscraper, four of the white icons to stick on a black background. The Olympic games seem to be already tomorrow be – there are still nearly two years, until the fire is lit in the stadium.

In the case of Toyota, it also burns quite vigorously. “We are working with high pressure on the optimization of our electric drives,” says Akihiro Yanaka. The pressure on the chief engineer is likely to come from the very top. Finally, company boss Akio Toyoda has closed three years ago, a many-million-Euro contract as the main sponsor with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In the case of three summer and winter games of the Olympics and Paralympics, the Japanese are allowed to present themselves as the main sponsor. The most important scene is of course the capital of home country.

Yanakas team is working to bring even a little longer than in Japan, already; so, actually, always. Because early VW’s rival to the world market leader for hybrid drives present, so hesitant, he was a long time in the case of purely battery-electric cars. Toyota was even long at the top of the battery-ignorant.

< p > infomercial under the eyes of the world

Now the brand should stands to Toyodas will of the spectators to the Olympic victory of storms. Ten electric vehicles with battery are coming in the next few years on the market. The fundamental Belief has not changed, but actually, as much as the technicians stress that be Acceptable to the serious energy sources are only available for a short up to a maximum of mid-range. In addition, no such cars from the manufacturer so expect to the Olympic Games.

but a whole fleet of fuel cell models. More than 100,000 athletes, coaches and managers and officials want to eventually be on a month-long criss-cross the Tokyo Region, ten times as big as Berlin, it moved – an infomercial under the eyes of the world. And certainly many envious Tokyo. For the chronically clogged Highways are likely to be, in fact, a little tighter, if the IOC grandees surfing on their special lanes on the duration of the green wave. In order to guarantee free drive, uses a Toyota on the road and the logistics of its production system.

five vehicle types, the Japanese want to be seen in Tokyo in 2020. The most important are by battery on the go. The full-clad two-seat i-Road will make thousands of helpers ultra mobile. The small vehicle can put a motorcycle in the curve, up to 60 km/h and with the wide turning angle of the rear wheel is extremely maneuverable. The front two wheels to sit close to each other, and with electric wheel-hub motors driven.

The distance of 60 kilometers to bring the helpers on the day – and of the world, this new class of vehicle, perhaps, but still tasty. Model tests in Tokyo and Grenoble have led to the decision for mass production. Financial risks a Toyota, finally, reluctantly.


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