The finding was surprising. Depending on the platform Troov, “750 computers are forgotten every week at the airport Charles-de-Gaulle”. Stress related to the plane or simply the head in the clouds, the reasons of losing something are many. Around 90,000 objects would be found each year by SNCF and more than 200,000 by the RATP.

It is from these figures and many others that the idea came to two thirty-somethings, GrĂ©goire Rey-Brot and AurĂ©lie Toubol to launch an internet platform, called, the purpose of which is to find a lost object. In terms of communication, it is translated by the phrase eye-catching: “to Change a stressful moment into a fun experience”.

Concretely, how does it work? You lose your phone, for example, in a transportation company in common. You go to the website the home page is very entertaining, a few clicks and the lost object is saved. An algorithm connects you then to the area where the object is lost, on the model of a dating site. If you matchez with said object, a survey of security allows you to recover. In the context of a laptop you are asked, for example, a sign of specific identification (a stripe, the color of the slipcover etc…..). The object will be returned to you by the person or body that will have found. The service is free of charge.

Losers happy

The application is in its infancy. The partnerships are for the moment on the fingers of one hand: the movie theatres UGC, Unibail (32 shopping centres) and the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux… But other transport companies, wholesale purveyors of forgotten objects, such as SNCF and the RATP would be interested in.

The system works especially between individuals. Anyone who can report on the platform that he has found in the street, in the subway or in the train. Of course, this assumes that the lost object passes by a benevolent hand. But the experience of the search engine Dutch iLost (subtitled “& found”, when you click on the site, proves that you can rely on the honesty.

Since its launch in 2012, iLost allowed to return, at the time of writing, 78.451 lost items to owners located in 53 countries. “By 2020, we would like to have at least a million losers happy by year having found their purpose through our network”, says on the platform its founder, Hanneke Stegweg, who created it after having had to make a cross on his camera forgotten. A buoyant market for le petit Poucet in French.

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