The robots mowing have made a breakthrough noticed on our green lawns. These little machines are amazing, who have the good taste to cut the grass all alone, without a noise, no matter what time of the day or night, make more fans, even die-hard fans. “The sales have jumped 64% last year. And this is not finished, because 2019 starts very strong,” says Olivier Le Treste, director of marketing Europe in the Swedish Husqvarna, the undisputed leader with 80% share of the market. Compared to 2015, the year of the takeoff, the market has more than tripled, from 14,000 to 45,000 robots sold in France, all brands combined. Even if the mowers classical (thermal, electric, walk-behind, flare…) are still the top of the pad, with about 600,000 machines have been sold in 2018, the progress is spectacular.

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Automower 435 X AWD, the last-born of the range Husqvarna, can climb slopes of 70%. Husqvarna

It must be said that the strengths of these “grazers” wheels are many, starting with their autonomy. With an electric battery and a memory card, they are able to mow up to 5000 m2 of lawn for the bigger models, without the slightest intervention of the gardener. Their scope of intervention is delimited by an electrical wire laid on the ground, or shallowly buried, which acts as a “virtual wall”. When the spacecraft approach it, it stops abruptly and starts in another direction.

No need to “refuel”: when the robot is in short power, it automatically directs to a base station, connected to the sector, on which it will charge its battery in a few hours, before going back to work. The supply of fuel, the smoke, the pollution and the spark plugs fouled up in the spring, when the engine has not rotated throughout the winter, are nothing more than a distant and bad memories. And nothing to spoil, the electricity consumption is very low (of the order of a few euros per month…).

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Another interesting feature: the”animal” being silent (60 dB maximum), he can make his office anywhere, as well as the Sunday (day prohibited to mowers of heat in urban areas) that night when all the world sleeps. This allows to enjoy your lawn the day or the weekend in the case of a secondary residence: just program the mowing for the “job” to be done at his arrival.

Not only is the chore weekly, see bi-weekly during the months growing in April and may, is deleted, but the grass is so finely ground that it is no longer necessary to pick it up and take it to the waste disposal site (even if I regularly provide advice in this column to be used for mulching in the plantations). Ingested by earthworms and digested by micro-organisms in the soil, it will be réassimilée by the lawn that will draw the minerals needed for its metabolism. A circle as virtuous as the environment are drastically reduced, if not eliminates, the contributions of fertilizer.

Finished the lawn shaggy and pailleux! The grass is finely shredded by the blades of the robotic mower, it is no longer in need of raking. 77836378/Marco2811 – Fotolia

above all, and I am experiencing for several years in my garden, the lawn is far more beautiful than with the methods of mowing traditional, including mowers manual roller, which are nevertheless very good work. Once set the cutting height, the robot mows the grass as it grows. Finished the lawn shaggy and pailleux found after a long absence or when the interval between mowing is too long. In addition, the weeds type of clover or dandelion, which support less well the mowing regular grass, (ray-grass, English bluegrass, bentgrass…) eventually regress without the need to use a systemic herbicide. Also prohibited from employment in the garden since the 1st of January.

The proposed models on the market are constantly improving. This is the case of the Automower 435 X AWD, the last-born of the range of Husqvarna, capable of facing slopes of 70% and to adapt to difficult terrain thanks to its body articulate, and its 4 wheel drive. Sized for large surfaces (up to 3500 m2), it has a remote start system and an automatic adjustment of the cutting height.


Honda has also installed this feature on their robot mower Miimo HRM 3000, it is also intended for large gardens, together with, in addition, a seasonal adjustment: “when the cut height has reached its maximum, the machine will reduce its flow time, up to 60%”, says Maxence Zacharias, head of marketing and communication. Another interesting feature: this machine is perfectly water-resistant can wash with a jet of water without the risk of damaging the memory card.

in Addition to the premium range (Husqvarna, Honda and Stihl), sold at prices ranging between 3000 and 5000 euros, and distributed exclusively by specialist dealers that provide installation, often complex, of the device, the market for robotic mowers are becoming more democratic, with a first prize of € 500 for small gardens (up to 250 m2), available in garden centers or large area of diy. Gardena,Bosch, Worx and Robomow are the leading brands in this niche, also, expanding.

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