At first glance, the Touareg V8 TDI is more reminiscent of a luxury SUV than a sports model. Its massive shape and size and the logo “V8” grafted onto its huge front grille evoke the american productions, geared more towards comfort than dynamics. There is, however, a finish “R-Line”, available as an option, which should accentuate the sporty side of the flagship of Volkswagen.

The Touareg V8 TDI strengthens its position as a luxury vehicle with equipment in excess of the proposed standard. It leaves the choice between two packs and interiors: the “Atmosphere” as wood expresses it, and the “Elegance” which prefers the metallic elements. The 19-inch wheels are also part of its endowment. On the subject of comfort, the large SUV is equipped including air suspension, trunk opening, automatic seats, “comfort” and automatic ignition of lighthouses.

The instrumentation is trusted by a screen of 12 inches, and the infotainment system is operated via a touch screen of 15 inches. The technology also works on the side of the driving aids, which are present in large number: night vision, adaptive cruise control, lane change and automatic emergency braking just as the automatic answer present to the call.

Under the hood we find the V8 diesel twin-turbo 4-litre, helped by an electric compressor, which equips the Audi SQ7. It develops 14 horsepower less than in the SUV, of the firm of Ingolstadt, 421 horsepower in the Touareg. The impressive torque value of 900 Nm is, on the other hand, the same on both models. Despite its size, the machine is able to shoot down the 0 to 100 km/h in under 5 seconds and reach 250 km/h in a point. Finally, as Volkswagen had hoped that his juggernaut is not a cottage not too much in the corners, it is equipped with anti-roll bars electronic. The maneuverability is enhanced by four-wheel steering.

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