“would it be possible to enlighten me on the family of lavenders? How to identify the lavandin, lavender officinalis, Lavandula augustifolia …?”

There are four main types of lavender:

Lavandula augustifolia , this is the true lavender. L. officinalis grows wild in the mountains at 1000 meters altitude and more, used in perfumery and medicinal.

Lavandula latifolia (or lavender aspic, the fact of the vipers that lurk below). This is a great lavender more camphorated, it grows in scrublands mediterranean dry at a low altitude. It is used in perfumery as well as for the production of essential oils.

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• The lavandin which is a hybrid ( latifolia X officinalis ), is sterile and is propagated only by cuttings. It is also used in perfumery and essential oils. It is widely grown, since it gives good returns. It is recognizable by its spikes provided and regular (unlike the lavender).

Lavandula stœchas (lavender-des-Maures, massif, located in the department of Var) grows in maquis on acidic soils or siliceous. It is used to produce essential oils and as an ornamental.


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