When the first frosts arrive, all of the elegant apartments have one or two costumes that scratch a bit the leg, but prove to be perfectly suitable. Those who possess a three – parts do not hesitate to put the life jacket. But its relative smoothness and the back lining are not always sufficient to endure the morning cold. The solution? The little sweater without sleeves. This is the nec plus ultra. The difference of the sweater whose sleeves have a tendency to thicken the vest, and engoncer, the simplicity of these knits is gorgeous. The bust is nice and warm and the arms have a great freedom of movement. The V-neck of course allows to highlight the tie. Alternative to buttons, called a cardigan without sleeves, is just as useful, especially with its two small pockets. And nothing is of better taste, in this case, to choose the sheep or the lamb british

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This extra layer also allows you to add a touch of color to the outfit: under a costume, navy sweater purple
or in a gray suit, a sweater wine. The English are doing so for ages,
but it is the Italians who have brought grace
and nonchalance to this manner of dress. In return, the Anglo-Saxons have given a name to this trend is ancestral: the layering or overlay.

The shades like the materials are then echoed (flannel with jersey) or oppose (fabric smooth against rough). Thus, under
a suit dressed up,
a sweater without sleeves
color will bring a touch of relaxation, why not magnified by a tie knit
or timed by black shoes. Unless, of course, to get the pull Fair Isle with its geometric patterns of puzzle, which only agrees, however, that the add-in
of tweeds discrete.

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