The bistro, with its zinc, its strokes of red and his ham-butter is one of the foundations of the image and the history of Paris, in France and abroad. Real factor of social link, it brings together regulars and onlookers passages, artists cursed and clerical employees, students, penniless, and birds of night.

in Order to highlight this contribution, an association chaired by Alain Fontaine, Maître-Restaurateur is the nomination for inscription on the intangible Heritage of the UNESCO tradition and the art of living of the pubs and terraces of Paris.

Already supported by many professionals, artists and intellectuals, this approach has received a new support, the support of the mayor of Paris. Anne Hidalgo has distributed Wednesday at the City hall a hundred of medals of the city to the managers and bosses of bistros “engaged in favour of this “popular culture”, located in the twenty districts of the capital.

Institutions and bistros modern

The winners have been proposed to the City by the “association for the inscription of intangible cultural Heritage of UNESCO of the tradition and the art of living of the pubs and terraces of Paris”. This last was launched in mid-December call for nominations to the attention of all parisian bistros. For their nomination to be retained, they must fulfill several conditions: to propose a restoration in a continuous manner ; have a counter on which one can eat ; to be opened on a large-amplitude hourly ; be animated by a spirit popular (and more affordable, human-sized, organise cultural events or music…).

The selection combines institutions regionalists – The Petit Vendôme (IIe), The Auberge Pyrénées Cévennes (Xi), Mélac (Xi), Burgundy South (IXe) -, to coffee shops-drinking – Chez Georges (Life), the Red Baron (Xii), In Bulk (Xviii) -, dens famous – The Atmosphere (Xe), The Mascot (Xviii) – and institutions more modern – Bistro Brown (Xe), The Colony of Kader Attia (Xe), The Canteen of Belleville (Twentieth), the Grand Central at 104 (Xix). You can even find some tables bistronomiques as The Small Pan (Xv). A score of patronesses are also given a place of honour: The Bougainville (IIe), The Appropriate (Xiv), The young girl’s innocence (Xviii), The good-natured (Xiii century), Saint George (Ix), The Regent (I)…


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