The place. Fish market on one side, restaurant on the other. This teaches stashed in a modern building block with Breguet owes its name to a deity of japanese fisheries, and of the merchants. The fish, all that there are more sustainable (seasonal, small boats), comes from the auction of Quiberon and the fishing ports of Turballe and Boulogne-sur-Mer. It is also one of the few in the capital city to be slaughtered following the method of the japanese ikejime, marotte of great chefs. This death without stress guarantees a flesh a great delicacy.

The plate. – Side restaurant, high tables, light wood, lanterns, and small huts re-create the atmosphere of a market in tokyo, warming the atmosphere a little cold in this vast space, very high ceiling. Behind the counter, a master sushi is out nigiri, maki, temaki, chirashi and other sashimi top flight (red tuna, organic salmon, amberjack, meagre, sea urchin, hair…). But also knives with parsley very hungry, clams marinières, oysters of Isigny or …

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