Juliana Angotti: Antarctic Expedition

The Hedonist is a “House of Travel “Haute Couture” created by Juliana Angotti. Journalist and travel agent (e.g. in ASIA), it is affiliated with Grand Luxury Group of brothers Lartisien and a member of the network Virtuoso. Its luxury? The time. She is available by phone even on Sunday and after 20h if needed. His travels hand-stitched are stylish and ultra-custom.

Joyful colony of penguins Papuan. Stanislas Fautré/Figaro Magazine

Not copy/paste from one folder to another. Each roadmap is developed for a client (and him alone), with small addresses confidential and exclusive meetings. In Jaipur, it has opened the doors to artisans and jewellers to be an interior decorator. In the Japanese Alps, it has built a journey around the sake and indigo, the two passions of the family, sponsor of the trip.

By 2019, it “dream of a trip all-white, inspired by the adventure novel The Last Place on Earth. Go to Antarctica in the silence, in small number, the closer to the animals, on the yacht Scenic Eclipse which has a submarine to swim with the whales, and two helicopters to reach the land untouched”.

@lhedonist_luxurytravels (on instagram).juliana.angotti@lhedonist.com. “Antarctica, the last frontier, in the footsteps of Amundsen” from 12 000 € for 12 nights in all-inclusive (excluding international flights).

Valérie Maillart: Ride in Mongolia,

Stephane Gattefosse, a defector of fashion and globe-trotter inveterate, liked to find beautiful hotels and mount travel chic to extend its travel to the four corners of the world. His friends began to order the trips for themselves, and then, seeing his talent, advised him to open an agency.

In Mongolia, meetings with the nomadic peoples. Stanislas Fautré/Figaro Magazine

It is thus that, aided by three assistants, travel agents, experienced professionals, he has created APV (Assistant private trip) in 2006. A small structure, headed by Valerie Maillart, who receives his clients at the heart of the Marais. No online sales, each folder is a meeting. His customers, primarily “of the quadras followers travel in first or business, appreciate its affiliation with Virtuoso, which gives them upgrades and other VIP treatments.

the agency’s recommendations to 2019 will focus on “the Andaman islands, in the west of India, on a tour atypical of New Zealand by helicopter, a cruise in Indonesia in the Banda sea, and an epic horseback and on a motorcycle in Mongolia. A trip that combines authentic culture, great outdoors, encounters with the nomadic peoples, accommodations treated”…

Assistant private trip ( Apv. travel). “All the faces of Mongolia”, 14 days from 4 345 €.

Roman Masina: Running in Ethiopia

Founder of the young online travel agency Odysway (holder of a certificate of registration Atout France), Roman Masina built to travel around to experience a “different and responsible”. His expeditions – a twenty – rank in three areas: sport, adventure and personal development.

Travel immersion with athletes. SDP

They include: go to the meeting of reindeer herders, the mongols, make a spiritual retreat in the Sahara, traveling with a shaman in Peru, to cycle on the tibetan plateau of Nepal, save the elephants in Thailand, surfing under the northern lights, or “from the heart of the amazon jungle”.

This initiatory journey in the tropical forest in harmony with an indian tribe, during which you won’t see a single tourist but might catch a glimpse of a jaguar (as was the case for him) is surely the most iconic of Odysway.

By 2019, Roman Masina suggest going to the “running with the athletes in Ethiopia”. His travels in immersion (version roots but secure) out of the city-dwellers of their comfort zone, but give memories intense. Her motto: “discover yourself by discovering the world.”

Odysway ( ; Odysway.com). “Run with the athletes in Ethiopia”, 9 days from 980 €, without the air.

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