Leaving Paris, sinking in the countryside and travel hundreds of kilometers by the force of her calves. Parisians in search of challenge, nature and heritage can borrow one of the many cycle routes that traverse the capital. Some promise a ride of a few kilometers in Ile-de-France, in particular, on the banks of the Seine impressionist. Other lead to other regions or countries such as Norway and the Czech Republic.

Points of information regular, stays close, “green routes” that are forbidden to motor vehicles… All of the amenities that make travel easier on the mountain BIKE, tandem, recumbent or electric bike. Before hopping on his bike, it is better to buy a paper map or download the GPS data of the route. Also, keep in mind that some sections are not marked, and there may be variants to the official course.

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1. The Scandibérique (EV3,), Trondheim (Norway) to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle (Spain)

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Long-5100 km, the EuroVelo 3 connects Spain to Norway. Its French section, called Scandibérique, inaugurated in 2018, connects Hendaye to Maubeuge, about 1700 km, which is the longest cycle route in France. Nicknamed the “road of the Pilgrims”, the cycle route passes through the Landes, the Gironde, the Charente and the Centre region. From Tours to Orleans, it follows the route of The Loire cycling. From Fontainebleau, the route follows the meanders of the Seine as far as the basin of the Arsenal, near the Bastille. It then skirts the canal Saint-Martin and the canal de l’ourcq until the Puppet-master. Then the route heads to Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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2. The Véloscénie (V40), from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel

the place Saint-Michel in Mont-Saint-Michel. The Véloscénie (V40) links the heart of Paris, in the famous rocky island about 450 km. The route passes through the departments of the Eure-et-Loir, Orne, and Manche and passes not far from many famous sights such as the chateau of Versailles, Chartres cathedral and the baths of Bagnoles de l’orne. The output of the Ile-de-France is made via the High-Valley of Chevreuse and Rambouillet. Nearly half of the course is on “green lanes”, which are prohibited to motorized vehicles. Tranquillity guaranteed.

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3. The green Avenue (V16), from Paris to London (United Kingdom)

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As if to reconcile the two candidate cities, the Avenue verte was inaugurated during the olympic and paralympic Games of London 2012. Since the square of the cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, the road runs to Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) about 246 km. Two variants are proposed at the outset of Paris: one is through the edges of the Oise and Beauvais (Picardy), the other via the Vexin, the valley of Epte (Normandy). At Dieppe, the cyclists reach the English coast with the ferry company DFDS for about€ 30. The crossing of the English Channel up to Newhaven lasts four hours. Once in England, don’t forget to drive on the left-hand lane and remember that the distances are shown in miles.

4. The Seine by bike (V33), from Paris to le Havre

down the Seine from Paris to its mouth, take the so-called Seine by bike. With a length of 390 km, it ends in le Havre or Deauville according to the variant. In the region of the francilienne, it is superimposed on the Avenue verte from Paris to London. This ride is the opportunity to discover the Seine impressionist and including Giverny, the birthplace of the art movement, where we can visit the house of Claude Monet. The final route must be fine-tuned by 2020 and some portions are still under development.

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5. Via Carolina (V52), from Paris to Prague (Czech Republic)

The V52 connects Paris to Strasbourg, the most cycling cities of France. The route passes through Troyes, Châlons-en-Champagne and Nancy. It is part of a larger european itinerary, Via Carolina (or Paneuropea Radweg), which connects the capitals of the French and Czech for about 1500 km. Once crossed the Rhine, the route passes through the south of Germany via Nuremberg. The route coincides with the route commonly borrowed in the Fourteenth century by Charles IV, emperor of the Holy roman Empire and king of Bohemia.

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