On Sunday 2 march 1969 at 15h38, a white bird of 25,56 m wingspan, 62,10 m in length and 12, 19 m in height took off on runway 32 of the airport of Toulouse-Blagnac. The fog was finally lifted on the Haute-Garonne. Two days than the whole of France was waiting for the happy event, announced originally for the Friday 28 February.

The beautiful bird called Concorde. It was a new model of airliner, a supersonic, a result of the program, franco-british, developed in France by Sud Aviation (later Aerospatiale and then EADS, and, finally, in 2014, Airbus Group). On 2 march 1969, Concorde flew over the pink city and astonished the inhabitants.

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The first time Concorde flew over Toulouse for thirty minutes. museum of Air and Space Le Bourget/©Sud-Aviation

Except that he only stayed in the air for up to thirty minutes and not exceeded, therefore, not the speed of sound (the equivalent of 1.224 km/h). It will be reached on October 1, 1969, at the 45th test flight, and then sprayed a year later after the 102nd takeoff. On this day, the 4th of November 1970, Concorde flew for nearly an hour at Mach 2, or twice as fast as the sound, the cruise speed for which it was designed.

Four aircraft to the museums of le Bourget airport and Blagnac

But this weekend, it is the first flight that will be celebrated, and fifty after to the day, Saturday 2 march 2019, by the Museum of air and space paris, le Bourget, near Paris, and the museum Aéroscopia of Blagnac.

At the Museum of air and space paris, le Bourget, the two supersonic in their Concord hall dedicated. Xavier DERÉGEL/© Museum of Air and Space – Paris Le Bourget / Xavier DERÉGEL

Because these temples in the history of aviation exhibit, in other treasures, two of Consistent each. And at le Bourget is, precisely, the prototype 001 F-WTSS who had made the famous first flight test. This one is not transported elsewhere, never to passengers. While its neighbor, the Concorde F-BTSD Sierra Delta,” was, on 31 may 2003 at 17h45, the before-last to land at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, from New-York-Kennedy Airport.

The last to have crossed the Atlantic in 2003 was the Concorde 209, which went into service in the Air France fleet on 3 August 1976. It also still exists. It sits on the tarmac of Blagnac airport, just in front of Aéroscopia. As for the Concorde 201 housed inside the museum of toulouse , he was, on the 19th of October 1977, the first to land at New York.


At le Bourget, the birthday will last all weekend, from 10 hours to 17 hours. In the program: the exhibition “Harmony, the myth”, the guided tours “Concorde: the legend supersonic” and “From prototype to the plane of the line: 7 years of development” orchestrated, respectively, by the Association of Friends of the Museum of Air and Space and the Association of Professionals of the Concorde and the Supersonic. There will also be lectures, films, archives, a flight simulator and a quiz. All these festivities are free of charge. Only the access to the edge of two supersonic is a fee (9 €).

At the museum Aéroscopia of Blagnac airport, the first Concorde to have landed in New York in 1977. Mod@OT-Toulouse

In Blagnac, the festival will take place on Saturday only, from 9: 30 to 19 hours. The former employees of the Concorde programme will revive the public-the moment when the beautiful white bird took flight. Among the highlights: a tour of the cockpit of the Concorde 201, that of the authentic flight simulator, the thematic visit (3,5 €) “Concorde, plane of legend!” around the two units of the museum or the exhibition of three machmètres Concord and the meeting with their owner. Entrance to the museum 12,50 €, children 10 €, free for children under 6 years of age.

A machmeter is, it should be noted, a flight instruments used to measure the ratio between the speed of the plane and the sound. The object is now highly coveted by collectors. In 2016, a machmeter as Concorde had been awarded 7 200 € at an auction organized by the study from toulouse, Marc Labarbe. Which will precisely orchestrate another this Saturday, march 2, Aéroscopia, from 21 hours (free access). One hundred and fifty coins Concorde to be auctioned, presented on photographs. But visible (in real life), to the study, from this Wednesday 27th February and until Friday.

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