This April 8, Jacques Brel would have been 90 years old. Remember this day in 1929 in Schaerbeek in Belgium, and to leave for The Marquesas, this archipelago in the south Pacific that he had chosen as the ultimate retreat, yet allows today to his fans travellers to revive the memory of the immense singer disappeared in 1978 in Bobigny, France.

This is the Marquesas Jacques Brel, in November 1977, signed his first album. A hymn. Forty years later, Le Figaro Magazine vogue in its wake. Under the pen of Alice Brouard, Jacques Brel, again exclaims: “here We are. The country is beautiful, the people nice and, thank God, they don’t know me.” One only needs to read with happiness the story of the journey enchanted “Jojo”, that the Marquesan called “the man in the plane”. With his fans who follow his footsteps, we embarked on the”Aranui 5″, cargo mixed cabotant from island to island, where cross to the Marquesas, expats in Tahiti or american tourists and europeans.

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His image would she have aged? Not if we judge by the musical challenge that come from raising thirteen singers of all generations, including Liv del Estal, Michel Jonasz, Marianne Faithfull or even Bernard Lavilliers, to interpret Jacques Brel on arrangements of the American, Larry Klein, in the tribute album “These People”. Yet, in the Alps, Les Rencontres Brel St Pierre de Chartreuse (Isère), named in tribute to the artist that there was a house, have been renamed. Since 2017, in fact, the event is called the Festival of the Great Sound. It has become a go-you more focused on the music current, the next edition will be held from 18 to 21 July.

An item of local heritage.

However, the name of Brel still appears, between parentheses, in the title of this summer meeting, which led on the trail of the man of the “flat country”. It is in 1965 he settled in a cottage of the first village in the descent from the col de Porte, on the road of Chambéry from Grenoble. He came in with his wife Miche and their daughter, France. In the village, the family has left wonderful memories that reports the belgian newspaper

In the 1980s, the belgian singer has become an element of the local heritage. Seven years later, the Meetings were paying tribute. Become a showcase for tourism in the mountains in the summer, the festival has evolved its programming while remaining true to the spirit of Brel, who enchants the whole world francophile.

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