The collective This full installation of the Large Surface area. Elliot Broue

After sunny parisian summer with its rooftop plant of the Fifteenth, the Hanging Garden, the team of Passage Enchanted is back for a magic trick. Well anchored on earth, their new HQ is ready to open its doors. On the boulevard des Italiens, a few months ago that the Monoprix Richelieu, is no more. The space of 1500m2 consisting of multiple levels and nooks inspiring is abandoned. The duo Frédéric Lambert and Vincent Quenor did not hesitate: “The location was the primary reason, with the ability to create a cultural unifier in the district”. Before its destruction, the old supermarket will therefore become a place of life for ten months: the Large Surface area, gallery festive. A hybridization surprising, a challenge cheeky where artists will evolve in the middle of the curious, and vice versa: “We want to do something that one has never seen. This will be another celebratory approach and creative where everything is possible. This is the place where one defends what one believes!” announced Frédéric Lambert.

The new spot of Opera

The disposal is made step by step, on three levels: the ground floor, the mezzanine floor and level -1. The first two are open 7j/7, from 11am to 18pm. “Upon entry, we found ourselves in the gallery space. All the works exhibited will be produced on site by the artists themselves”. On the same floor, the chef Fabien Gomez will propose a cuisine bio: “We really wanted a food bought in a short circuit, which reflects what is expected in our plates”. Because of this, the price of the dishes, served daily from 11am, varies between 8 and 12€. In addition, an annex adjacent could be transformed “into a pop-up bar called The Reserve of the Large Surface area, with sales of bottles, we don’t know yet”.

On the mezzanine floor, shooting architectural photographer Jules Hidrot duplicate already on the rails. Behind the grand staircase, a marker of the intersection, an artist-in-residence is set up with a turnover every six weeks. Visitors can visit the workshop and observe the talent work. Master classes are also planned. As Jules Hidrot, they are total of twenty to participate in the creation of this new place: Lx.One and its anamorphosis, Clément Laurentin, Remi Rough, Joachim Romain, Brice Maré, Romain Froquet, JeyKill, Bault, GoddoG, Wide, Ned, Erell, Amose, ARDPG, Olivia de Bona, Gilbert Oil, or even Theo Lopez. This will be the first resident, an experience that began today and continued until 21 April. On-the-spot, one crosses the Collective That, in a full assembly of his digital installation that uses the mapping. The team of The Blind is also part of the adventure. On the walls, he puts his trademark, half-spheres in relief forming a writing in braille.

A vein in creative flexible “Drinking eye” Elliot Mud

The -1 is the bearing of the festival pure, which is open from 18h to 22h from Monday to Wednesday and then from Thursday to Saturday until 3 am: “For some evenings, we will be able to push it up later! On the Sunday, we reflect on a possible opening night”. When the time does not allow you to drop down a level, it can be seen through arrow slits placed to this effect. “Why don’t you show videos of previous nights on the walls, to show the mood and make you want to!”, the team continues to bubble up ideas. The bars are cork recyclable: “we care about the furniture, it is ephemeral like the place, you come here for an experience!”. Here, the artistic direction has worked on games as much light as on the musical programming but the names of the DJ’s kept secret.

Around the future on the dance floor, there is the collective work “Maze”. A maze of art that plays on the suspensions or light metal, mirrors and projections, the plexiglas panels and those with openings. “It’s like a marked trail, more figurative and geometric, as in the great lineage of street art which we wanted to depart,” explained a member of the 9th concept. Thirty years ago, this collective of artists has been the first to smear Paris stickers and has since co-founded “Les Francs-Colorful”. These months of experience will soon produce a book of photos and memories, telling the crazy story of this recovery of a Monoprix.

addresses in constant evolution

But the surprises do not stop there! The team of the Passage Enchanted announces the reopening of the Hanging Garden (the Fifteenth) in June, for three months, with several new products: “We want to survégétaliser the place, better manage the queues, and trace commands, for example, and multiply the number of seats. At the level of programming, we think to introduce daily activities such as bowls tournaments and battles with water guns”. The icing on the cake, a third address will soon open in The Defense under the name of “Garden Defended”. The enchantment is not ready to leave the Parisians!

The Large Surface area – Gallery festive. 24, bld des Italiens (IXe). Opening of The Gallery Bar and Restaurant on the Ground Floor and the Mezzanine floor: from 12pm to midnight Monday to Wednesday, 12pm to 2am from Thursday to Saturday and from 12 noon to 18h Sunday. The less a: from 18h to midnight Monday to Wednesday from 18h to 2am from Thursday to Saturday and closed on Sunday. Free admission. Open from late march or early April (waiting for a permission of the prefecture).


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