In 2016, System Professional, a brand dedicated to hair, is reopened with a new identity, and especially its complex EnergyCode. The purpose of this? A ultrapersonnalisation with diagnosis in the salon or on the internet, which allows you to have a routine combining agents of capping and active principles of treatment suitable to all cases. Since a few weeks, a range dedicated to men makes its entrance in the salons and specialty stores.

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in Addition to the assets of the famous complex – histidine, a restructuring that also protects from the damaging effects of free radicals, lipids that repair the fibre, moisturizing vitamin B3, and caffeine for revitalizing the root of the hair, System Professional Man contains a form of creatine that restores energy to hair and scalp. In total, 13 references for responding to each type of diagnosis. Among the flagship products, the Triple Shampoo for beard, hair and body, Hair & Beard Oil, argan oil based ultra-lightweight and the Matte Cream, a cream fixating matte-finished and textured, which gives the outfit without a helmet of gel.

to discover in the cab on the measurement of Christophe-Nicolas Biot, the hotel Lutetia, in Paris, and on or


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