and Obviously too deep into the glass, a 37-year-old woman from the district märkischer Kreis, NRW had looked on Saturday night. Her husband saw, at any rate with the condition of his wife, who had previously celebrated an Oktoberfest, so overwhelmed that he gave you himself at the police station in Werdohl.

women did not also officers in relation to act

compared To the officials of the 40-Year-old stated, therefore, that he could not deal with the aggressiveness of his wife. Because the woman did not know the police officers to behave and unchanged behaved aggressively, were the officials of the desire of the husband in the end.

the 37 had to-to spend a Year on the appropriate night “for their own protection” in custody, according to a press release. As it went on after that with the relationship of the couple, is not known.


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