THE FIGAROSCOPE. – That is what I have to offer?

Bernard CAMPAN. – I’m a little cold, then a lemon hot with honey, please.

What music to accompany you?

Gaël Faye, of which I read Small country (Ed. Pocket-book), a book beautiful. I discovered it, I didn’t know he was singing too, notably Paris métèque .

what is it that holds you back (again) at night?

After the show, we have a decompression chamber with Mounir Amamra and Olivier Claverie. We drink a spritz or a glass of red wine.

The place in paris which gives you the chills?

I don’t get tired of the île de la Cité, in the heart of Paris, its bridges, its river banks, Notre-Dame, magic!

The place in paris which gives you pimples?

Those where there are migrants, such as the door of the Chapel or in the vicinity of the device. I just see a HOMELESS person, I am shocked to see the luxury and misery rub shoulders.

The last app that you see in the evening?

Before I buy one, the one on the scooters. I’m not very app. Sometimes in the morning, I look at the weather.

In the case of the munchies at night?

My refrigerator. I need the sweet, chocolate powder with milk, for example.

Movie or series before going to sleep?

The last that I watched in full – I have given up on a countless number of times -, it is Fargo of Noah Hawley, directed by the Coen brothers. Super!

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The dream that you would like to achieve?

I am beginning to question the way in which I could be useful. I saw Chips , the film by Xavier de Lauzanne on a retired couple that rescues children in Cambodia. I would like to do more than what I do.

The question that you would have loved that I have for you?

(asserted and burst out laughing.) How do you get to be attractive? A little narcissism never hurts!

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