“Why would you be the guest(e) ideal(e) of the Mona Lisa?” . The answer is to write 800 characters, and not one more. Letter of motivation for entrance exam in high school? Recruitment in a large company? Neither the one nor the other. But it is, indeed, a contest is launched, in effect, by a very large house: the one where Mona Lisa, aka la Gioconda, lives in a shared flat with other celebrities. In other words, the Louvre, the real one, of Paris, visited each year by some 10 million tourists.

This contest is open to users from around thirty countries. They have until April 12, 2019, 23: 59 (French time) last carat, to submit their response online airbnb.com/louvre Because the museum is not the only one concerned. This promotion has been set up with Airbnb, the heavyweight of the tourist accommodation in private homes. To the key, a price, a single, but what’s the big prize: a night at the Louvre that the only winner will of course share with the person of his choice.

To 19 hours, a glass with the mona lisa. Julian Abrams

The date of this night of anthology was scheduled for April 30, which falls very well this year: it is a Tuesday, the day of closure of the museum to the public, as the next day, 1st may, a public holiday. The lucky ones will have the house all to themselves, no need to rush in the morning before the arrival of the first visitors. This great experience will begin on 30 April 2019 to 18 hours by a private tour from the owner with an art historian, as well as those usually reserved for guests.

Appetizer, dinner, concert, everything is planned

To 19 hours, an appointment for the appetizer, we are, we’re in Mona Lisa. Armchairs, coffee table, selection of cocktails, everything will be installed in the room of the mona lisa. But at 20 hours, it is in another personality that will be served the dinner: the Venus de Milo in person. The table will be set up at the feet of her statue. After dessert, the evening will end with a concert of Folk music , given by the French artist Sarah Jeanne Ziegler, accompanied by a violin, in the sumptuous salons of Napoleon III.

20 hours, dinner in the company of the Venus de Milo. Julian Abrams

As for the room, it will be installed in a small pyramid transparent specially mounted under the large. A true night of luxury under the stars, without a bathroom, of course, but with access to toilets of the museum. This is well worth the effort to try his luck, as much as it is all free. The answers will be judged based on three criteria: creativity 50%, originality (30 %) and responsiveness (20%). The jury will be composed of a member of the marketing teams of the Louvre, and Airbnb, as well as an independent judge.

Finally, if the winner does not live in Paris, his journey in the capital (transport A/R + a two nights stay in an Airbnb + transfers and restaurants) will also be supported. And if it is a Resident, he will offer his taxi or Uber back. Airbnb is not at his first attempt in the field of unforgettable nights. Since the first, organised in a cable car in Courchevel, stopped above the tracks, fifteen more were to follow, such as this night at Dracula’s castle in Transylvania or in the Catacombs of Paris. Except that in the Louvre, not a matter of reliving the thrills of Belphégor or Da Vinci Code . But the sensation will be anyway provided by the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa.


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