yellow, green, pink, red, blue, orange… But what happens? A few steps from Madeleine and at the heart of the City, paved with the so-called Berryer, the refined Village Royal is adorned multiple colors. Suspended in front of the eyes of passers-by marvelled, hands outstretched and smartphones headed for the sky, 800, umbrellas, decorate and brighten up the place. At their feet, the frail female bodies carved by the belgian artist Dirk De Keyzer will reveal both sides of the walkway. The seal of the ancient buildings with the modernism of contemporary art. The passage of history dating from 1746, where stood the original market’aguesseau, becomes pop.

the origin of the project is the jovial creative Portuguese Patricia Cunha, who lavished his umbrella in the cities to brighten the day of onlookers and attract them to places unknown. For this installation, the artist collective Sextafeira Produçoes claims to be inspired by Mary Poppins and her legendary means of transport and driving.

To showcase the city

In case of strong heat, which is not yet the case for the Parisians, the work brings shade and freshness. Through the stretched cables from the rooftops to the keep, the blue sky is glimpsed. The initiative referred to as “Umbrella Sky Project”, available also with bubbles floating, is passed through Arles, Carcassonne, Toulouse, Béziers, Honfleur, Tokyo, Seoul, and most recently Pensacola, fl (USA) … Before revitalizing the French capital. At the entrance of the alley, his motto is inscribed on a panel: “Color the life”! Installed since the beginning of February, the shelters are full of pep will be leaving for new adventures in July.

“Umbrella Sky Project” at Village Royal. 25, rue Royale (Viii). Extension until July. Open from 8h to 20h30, except Sundays (closed). Free admission.

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