After you have undertaken the redevelopment of its 68 Boeing 777s with the new cabins, the “best”, Air France begins its 15 Airbus A 330. This plane is in fact become over the years the unit long-haul the most sold by Airbus, and the airlines appreciate it especially. First because of its features: can transport up to 250 passengers on 13.500 miles, it is very suitable for lines with a traffic less than those of the 777, which carry up to 450 passengers. The small size of the A 330 also offers benefits in terms of comfort. In economy class, there are only eight seats across and the seats duo to the sides are very much appreciated. In addition, it is a device that was particularly quiet. With this new redesign, Air France has replaced all of its seats, as well as economy class, Premium and business.

the economy cabin, af

At the back of the device, the tilt is sufficient to be able to relax, the space between the rows has been optimized and the in-flight entertainment service is of the last generation. Only downside, the armrest hublot: for unexplained reasons, he is not recovering, which deprives fifty or so passengers additional comfort.

For the Premium class, the famous seat shell including Air France remains one of the few to have equipped its devices, has also been reviewed to be able to tilt up to 130°. The company is planning, however, the recycling of these seats to return to a standard, without a case, which would leave more room for the legs of passengers, and would allow for a better angle. Because it should well be recognized that between a good place located the emergency exits in economy class and in Premium, the difference in comfort is not huge.

On the other hand, in business class the new seat is a standing that is unmatched. Disposed slightly staggered relative to the front, the passengers are now seated by six front-line and may everyone remain quietly in their bubble. This chair unfolds to a bed 2 m long and particularly well-designed, and includes accommodations in very handy as a tablet wide, and a small cabinet in front of the passenger where you can store business. In comparison with the cabin Best and the seats are insulated, it is a very good compromise because you can, if you do not travel alone, to discuss all of your comfortable with your neighbor.

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