With the old Diesel VW Bus on the Champs-Elysées rattle? This is from the middle of next year. The Paris Metropolitan area is locked for diesel vehicles, which were registered before 2001, so it has been decided by the Metropolitan.

“This is good news for the health of all residents,” said mayor Anne Hidalgo of the newspaper “Le Parisien”. The decision was “a victory for the citizens”.

Specifically, it is the decision of the Métropole du Grand Paris, the area enclosed by the Autoroute 86. This outer motorway ring surrounds the entire city of Paris and the ring of the suburbs. The ban is to take effect in July 2019.

restrictions in many European cities

In the French capital, the regulations in the fight against exhaust gases are already very strict. In the past year, pollutant plaques for cars were mandatory. Diesel cars registered before 2001 and diesel built before 1997 are not allowed to drive since then, in the week during the day, anywhere. The rules for trucks and buses are even stricter.

Paris is only one of a number of European metropolises, in which the diesel driver is not, or is no longer fully in the city centre. The Norwegian capital of Oslo, blocks the roads on days with high air pollution for the self-detonator. In addition, the administration is considering in the coming years, no car with an internal combustion engine in the urban area.

In Germany, many cities from 2019

Also in Barcelona and Madrid affected, there are restrictions for diesel cars, if the air quality is poor. In London, drivers of Diesel and petrol cars on weekdays have to pay a toll.

In Germany there is so far only in Hamburg a diesel driving ban for Cars on a road. For a number of other cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne dishes, driving bans have arranged, to be implemented from 2019.



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