The name “Ti”, for “Turismo Internazionale”, already appeared on the bodywork of the Alfa Romeo Giulia of the 1960s, and refers to a vehicle in the enriched equipment and sportier look. The Giulia Veloce Ti is no exception to the rule, and is modeled on the ultimate version of the sedan Italian, christened Quadrifoglio.

From the outside, only the connoisseurs will know how to differentiate between the two. With its rims black housing red brake callipers, side skirts and rear spoiler in carbon, It can easily be confused with the Quadrifoglio. The latter, however, is recognisable by its air intakes located on the hood, and four exhaust outlets.

The interior of the Ti monkey is also one of the Quadrifoglio, with inserts in carbon and seats with upholstery in leather/suede. Some elements, however, parent of carbon fiber without the model at the four-leaf clover, as the insert of the gear lever or the hulls of outside rearview mirror.

The selector DNA, coupled with active suspensions, occurs in the position Race. This mode, which reports all the audience of their functions, is, in effect, reserved for the top of the range. The Giulia Veloce Ti has the four-wheel drive Q4, with the differential self-locking mechanical Q2 in charge of the rear axle. For a mass distribution is optimal, Quadrifoglio, it is only available in rear-wheel drive.

Under the hood, we find, to choose from, two turbo 4-cylinder fitted to the Giulia Veloce: the 2-liter 280-horsepower gasoline or 2.2-liter 210-horsepower diesel. Engines enjoyable, but is lacking in nobility next to the fabulous V6 biturbo original Ferrari that deserves to wear the famous four-leaf clover, only to versions sports.

The Giulia Veloce Ti diesel is offered at a rate of 61 000 euros, while the model in essence requires the sum of 63 800 euros.

Under the hood, we find the two turbo 4-cylinder fitted to the Giulia Veloce: the 2-litre 280 horsepower gasoline, and even the 2.2-liter 210-horsepower diesel. Alfa Romeo


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