Like many people, Antoine Pétrus has fallen in love at the wedding of another. To him, it was at the end of the 1990s. Still a teenager, he succumbed not to the charms of the married (phew!) or a bridesmaid, but to those of the percolator. This espresso machine has literally spellbound, to the point that he spent most of his time to serve coffees to the guests.

Twenty years after, the young man in a hurry, found director general of the Taillevent group (110 people in Paris, London, Beirut and Tokyo), responsible for all purchases of wine for the wineries and restaurants, is approximately 60,000 bottles per year. He has been crowned twice as the Best worker of France (MOF), a feat extremely rare – “we are only four”, he smiles -this contest is hard: winner in 2011 at the end of the proof of sommellerie, and then in November 2018 in the category of “maître d’hôtel, service and arts of the table”.

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