The journey begins on the lines 9 and 14, where the trompe-l’oeil skies were pasted on the windows of the trains. You can choose the side “window” or “corridor” to get to your destination. Has less to extend the scenery until one of the stops wearing stick for the occasion.

On the platforms of 10 stations in the paris metro, posters 4×3 representative of the exceptional places are waiting for you to take a selfie exotic, far from the traditional train-to-train. The egyptian pyramids to the station of the same name, the fountain of Trevi in Rome, snow-covered landscapes with Ice… you can choose the decor to take the pose and make believe to your friends that you are no longer a Parisian!

ancient Ruins, moorland, desert or spots sunny

The device “1st April” put in place by the RATP this year for the resort Bel-Air, Charles de Gaulle Etoile, Glacial, Opera house, Place d’italie, the Pyramids, Rome, the Pyrenees, Four in September and is Good News. Of note, the stations quatre-Septembre and the Good News is, encompassing all of the visual shots are eclectic. Ancient ruins, moorland, desert, spots, sunny… You always find the perfect setting for a cliché more true that nature. A distribution of accessories and fake air tickets on site to complete the deception.

The RATP is not in its first shot, question fish of April. It will be recalled from their operations in 2016 and 2017, which had surprised more than one. 3 years ago, 13 stations had been renamed, triggering a good mood and smiles to the users. Opera had become a Drink, Pyrenees had supplanted the Alps, Monceau had turned in My shovel… same player shoot again the following year with a diversion just as funny playing with the names of the stations and the expressions: Who turned out the Laumière, in the Gentilly on strawberries… This time the total change of scenery and could well give you ideas of escape.


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