The market of the computer is not in his best form. Supported at the level of sales thanks to the companies who continue hardware upgrades, Windows 10, the application of computers to the general public, it continued to weaken. You have to reinvent yourself. Give back the desire for individuals to acquire a new machine. To do this, Asus has had the idea of equipping its latest ultraportable, the ZenBook Pro, a second screen to the original functions.

Strong of its position as sales leader in the field in France, the taiwanese firm disclaims its range with a Pro version in which the engineers have identified an area of under-utilised: the trackpad (or touchpad). Indeed, why to book a place so important to the sole manipulation of the scoring system then that number of keys on the keypad have multiple functions.

Call me ScreenPad

In place of this device, the ZenBook Pro offers what Asus calls a ScreenPad, which is nothing else than a mini-Full HD screen of 5.5 inches with multiple options. It’s going to be able to be used both touchpad classic to move the mouse, but also screen remote to manage other windows, for example, or even deport the menus of an application. The different modes are accessible from a simple push of the F6 key.

First mode, the mode “ScreenPad”. The touch pad lights up and turns to the screen while keeping its properties of touch pad. With, however, a small tab on its top portion which is used to open a menu bar. Since it will open different apps such as a calculator, a player of music, or a word processor. Quick and nice to drive certain applications like Microsoft Office, Spotify, or YouTube, the first partners Asus in this adventure, without having to open some menus. Other side of the coin, to circulate in the main window, it will take some time to have recourse to the mouse.

The application operators the ScreenPad for the time being are few in number. It is necessary to use between in character and that the developers grasp. It is the hope of Asus, which offers the “Asus GiftBox”, a kind of Asus Store where it will be possible to download future compatible software ScreenPad.

The second mode is called “View extensions”. In this configuration, it is possible to work as if the user had a second screen. One passes then from one to the other. Very useful to keep an eye on a document while writing on another. Once an adaptation time to master the management of the mouse at the same time as the touch pad, the handling becomes intuitive, promoting the speed of production.

As for the third mode, it returns to a classic use: the trackpad. Very wide, it is also very accurate and pleasant to use. And finally, the fourth mode, which just serves to disable the touchpad to prevent inadvertent use if one prefers to work only with the mouse.

New uses

Asus presents its ScreenPad as a bonus, affecting very little the cost of the machine to the purchaser. The firm’s engineers focused on the new uses of the consumers and especially the smartphone users. Thus, this ZenBook Pro can easily sync to his phone to offer since the ScreePad access to all of the applications that it contains. The smartphone can stay in his pocket nice and warm.

Apart from the novelty ScreenPad, the Asus Zenbook Pro remains a high-end PC, high-performance end, lightweight and very pretty with its edges very thin, which maximizes the display. Equipped with an Intel processor from the i5 to i9 according to the configuration, from 8 to 16 Gb of ram, a SSD of 512 Gb to 1 Tb and a graphic card Nvidia GTX 1050. Of what work, play, and create in the best conditions and with all the plugs last cry to a weight of 1.88 kg in a little less than 2 cm thick. Its side, Harman/Kardon is to maneuver to a result that is honest.

Some disgruntled people will complain about a battery life fairly average and a tendency to overheat when the processor and graphics card are pushed to their limits. But, in view of the operation of the double screen and the general power of the machine it could have been worse. This machine could replace a number of desktop computers and workstations.

Price: According to configurations 1 099 euros for the ZenBook Pro 14 and 1 299 euros for the ZenBook Pro 15

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