The station wagon A6 persist and sign. In the wake of the sedan, this vehicle standing, who joins the useful with the pleasant, modernized without abandoning its fundamentals. The lines turn their backs to any daring but the shoulder marked of the rear fenders, LED lights, and the ribs of the bottom of the desk to renew a genre readily more popular than the sedan on which it arose. The extension of the roof up to the rear tailgate and participates in the fluidity and elegance of the design. The input range is well credited for an excellent Cx aerodynamic (0,27), which is beneficial to lowering the noise level and the consumption.

The version S Line provides an aerodynamic package specific. AUDI AG/AUDI AG

The generational change is accompanied by a lot of new features. The dimensions do not vary (4.94 m in length), but the increase of the wheelbase to the benefit of the roominess, especially in the rear seats. Despite the platform MLB Evo, and a body made of aluminum and steel, the A6 Avant has not been able to lose weight. Our test vehicle, a model 50 TDI finish S Line was 2 tonnes. Status quo also on the side of the loading capacity. The rear tailgate and electric (just move the foot under the shield) opens with a volume unchanged, varying from 565 to 1680 litres by tilting the backrest of the rear seat (40/20/40). Depending on the configuration, the Audi tilts from 75 to 140 litres in the face of the Mercedes E-Class estate which boasts the best values in the segment.

for the BMW 5-Series Touring, she says a few litres more (570 to 1 700 l). If the A6 does not have a flat floor for lack of being able to move the seats back, the feature was neat. The space hosts a system of rails with four fastening points and modular allow you to align objects. As an option, a kit structure, the safe using of telescopic panels and straps. The perceived quality is close to perfection. Obviously, the equipment has been developed to last.

The refinement of the luxury cars

The last A6 adopts in its turn the instrument panel for the high-end A8 and Q8. AUDI AG/AUDI AG

The atmosphere inside is also at the height of the reputation of the rings. It is unfortunately the case of access models to the brand as the A1 which is the quality of materials has dropped several slots. Nothing of all this at the edge of the station wagon A6, for which the refinement immerses the occupants in a universe that is really top of the range. Packed equipment, our test vehicle (finish S Line) had the digital instrument cluster and the information display 10.1-inch (+ 2 150 €). The number of buttons is reduced to the essential and the control knob has now been removed.

The volume of the trunk varies from 565 to 1680 litres. AUDI AG/AUDI AG

The ergonomics have been simplified: the two touch screens bunk can be used like a smartphone. One of the top-level pilot navigation, hi-fi, but also all the features of the vehicle outside the air conditioning and comfort adjustments managed by the lower screen. BMW has shown the way and it is the turn of Audi to direct the display information to the driver. You do gain in comfort, but nothing replaces the head-up display (+ 1650 €) for never leave your eyes on the road. It will associate readily the device to the pack parking aid (+ 800 €) and a pack of assistance route (+ 2 350 €) including assistance to the maintenance in the queue, the reading of road signs, the autonomous control level 2 and the wizard of avoidance of emergency. The A6 does not escape a through of modern vehicles. Although family-oriented, this break is made for four people. The fault to a central place close back and handicapped by the presence of a transmission tunnel.

The shoulder of the rear wings participates in the dynamism of the line. AUDI AG/AUDI AG

After several tens of kilometres at the wheel of the version 50 TDI, we can only despair of the lack of interest for the diesel. This technology has certainly lost the battle of public opinion, but its qualities are still a formidable machine to roll. The V6 3-litre 286 horsepower of our A6 coupled to an automatic transmission with 8 reports, notable by its smoothness and the strength of its raises. Assisted by a couple comfortable, the engine never gives the impression of force. He can count on the reinforcement of a mild hybrid in 48 volts which would allow for a gain of 0.7 l/100 km, and the possibility to opt for a pneumatic suspension (+ 1 850 €). The latter enhances the comfort that is suitable in our case a sport chassis lowered by 20 mm. And, in the matter of report consumption/battery life, one hardly knows better. You can cross a great part of France without having to refuel. A model in essence can not say as much. Audi claims CO2 emissions of just 151 g/km according to the standard NEDC correlated, which translates into a standard consumption of 5.8 l/100 km.

Decked out four-wheel-drive, the A6 50 TDI is a real TGV train from the road. The miles tick away in a comfortable, sovereign. When the route forgets the highways monotonous, the use of four-wheel steering will be necessary (+ 2 250 €) to approach the agility of a ballerina. In these conditions, the invoice will reach dizzying heights. Our test vehicle came close to 30 000 euros of additional equipment. The addition of near 100 000 euros. Roll into a concentrate of innovations and technology is at this price.

technical Sheet

Engine: V6 turbodiesel, MHEV, 2.967 cm3

Power: 286 hp at 3.000/4.000 tr/min

Torque: 620 Nm at 2.250/3.500 tr/min

Transmission: Full Quattro + box car 8 reports

Dimensions (L/w/h): 4.939/1.886/1.467 mm

Safety deposit box: 565 dm3

Weight: 1.965 kg

Speed: 250 km/h

0 to 100 km/h: 5.7 s

Consumption: 5.8 l/100 km

CO2 Emissions: 151 g/km

Price: from 63.930 €, 71.830 € (version S Line)


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