For the past ten years, the lieutenant-colonel Aurore Tillac presides over the destinies of the 42 singers of the Choir of the French Army. A unique set, consisting exclusively of male voices, but that the general public was mostly used to see during the 14 July, in front of the rostrum. Yet, the choir attached to the republican guard serves as a directory which is very broad, ranging from large choirs to opera to the creation, passing by… the song. It is to remind this eclecticism, at the same time as the attachment of the training to the capital, which she rocks on a daily basis the heart, in the caserne des Célestins, that the Gers published this month, with Warner Classics, Paris je t’aime . A miscellany of songs and tributes to Paname. Under the sky of Paris at the slam of Grand Corps Malade, passing by Prévert, Kosma, Trénet, Dutronc… so Many declarations of love in capital letters, arranged with style, imagination, fantasy and a touch of nostalgia by Cyrille Lehn and Matthew Michard, in versions ranging between the septet’s vocal a cappella and tutti vibrant, worthy of Broadway.

My little madeleine

the church of The Billets was the place of my Paris debut as a conductor. It was with the Concentus Vocal, two years before my appointment to the FCA. We gave a lot of concerts of sacred music. The acoustic is also remarkable. It is also here that I met for the first time Eric Ampeau, titular organist of the Invalides, with which we collaborate regularly. It is kind of my Proust’s madeleine.

Church of the Billet, 24, rue des Archives (IVe). Tel.: 01 42 77 90 09.

Salle des fêtes of the mairie du IV. ©Artedia/Leemage The rha Paris

I love this place. It comes every year to sing with the Choir of the French Army, and the acoustic is excellent. This is far from being the case for all rooms of the holiday in France, and one begins to know no evil. It is also home to the remarkable children’s choir Sotto Voce, with which we sang several times. Finally, the surroundings are loaded with memories, since it is the place Baudoyer that was, to my arrival at the FCA, the mess of the republican Guard. A luxury…

Salle des fêtes of the mairie du IV e , 2, place Baudoyer (IVe). Tel.: 01 44 54 75 04.

This is a place that we do not suspect, in full heart of the Marais. This old covered market has been converted by the town Hall of the IVe in the hosting space for the associations of the Marsh. I had the opportunity to enjoy it for ten years with all The Factory Voice, that I had created. It has even given a concert grand juke-box, with buffet, where the people chose the musical menu. The place lends itself very well to this warm and festive atmosphere. It crosses way too many theatre troupes that skewers of teenagers doing rap.

Halle des Blancs-Manteaux, 48, rue Vieille-du-Temple, (Cvi). Tel.: 01 42 74 26 75.

Place du Marché-Sainte-Catherine. Guilhem Vellut from Paris, France [CC BY 2.0 (] Ride of the season

The district does not lack places where to stroll. Among those that I prefer is the place du Marché-Sainte-Catherine. With its shaded terraces, this little corner of greenery takes all its charm in the spring or in the fall. It is among the best falafels in Paris, rue des Rosiers, and the opulent place des Vosges. A few years ago, an excellent restaurant, Polish, unfortunately closed, was respected on the street. Vodka pepper always haunts me…

Place du Marché-Sainte-Catherine (IVe)

My Mess with me

Here, that’s cool. I discovered this Italian restaurant by chance. And, since, I can’t do without it. The place is quiet and cozy, the service is adorable. And the cellar, in tune. In addition, the bosses never miss an opportunity to speak Italian with you. For all those who want to put themselves in the language of Boccaccio, it is the best way to join the useful to the pleasant!

The Enoteca, 25, rue Charles-V (Iv). Tel.: 01 42 78 91 44.

Caserne des Célestins. Gilles Targat/Photo12 My second home

The first time I went in the barracks of the Night, it was the day of my contest entry as deputy leader of the CAF. I was 24 years old, come from the bottom end of the Gers, was a daughter of the campaign. I’ve never been able to forget this impression of solemnity is masterful. Today, the place is familiar. It is like a second home. It is there that it works. It rubs shoulders with the riders and the marching band. But the emotion remains intact. Especially when we found it all, after the parade of 14 July, for a drink all together.

Caserne des Célestins, 18, boulevard Henri-IV (Iv). Tel.: 01 58 28 20 72.


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